Ch 21: AFOQT: Aviation

About This Chapter

This chapter will help you study topics like the definition of force, airplane parts, markings of airplane taxiways and more topics related to aviation for the AFOQT exam. Here, you can watch short and interesting video lessons and quizzes that will provide you with the practice and information needed to pass your exam.

AFOQT: Aviation - Chapters Summary

This chapter includes short lessons that are videos about aviation topics like the definition of the Berlin Airlift, definition of an ammeter, ways the wind can impact airplanes and the definition of force in physics. They will refresh your knowledge about aviation and its related concepts as you study for the AFOQT exam.

When you are finished viewing the lessons, you can test yourself through the short self-assessments at the end of the lessons to check the amount of information you've retained. In addition to the topics above, this chapter will also assist you in your studies of the following:

  • Airplanes in the 1920s
  • Charles Lindbergh and airlines of the 1920s
  • Definition of the formula for force
  • Thrust, drag, and parts of an airplane
  • Markings of airport taxiways
  • Definition and purpose of an ammeter

One of the benefits using this chapter to study for the AFOQT exam is that the video lessons and quizzes are short and engaging, and this allows you to study a lot of information in a small amount of time. Below the videos, there are links that will allow you to skip to your desired lessons. Worksheets and their answers can be printed out to study away from your computer.

9 Lessons in Chapter 21: AFOQT: Aviation
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Force: Definition and Types

1. Force: Definition and Types

Force is everywhere and it comes in a variety of sizes, directions, and types. In this video lesson, you'll identify force as well the different types of force that objects may experience.

What is the Formula for Force? - Definition & Explanation

2. What is the Formula for Force? - Definition & Explanation

In this lesson, we'll explain what forces are in science. We'll review how to construct free body diagrams and calculate net force in order to use the force equation to solve for force, mass, and acceleration.

Force in Physics: Definition & Examples

3. Force in Physics: Definition & Examples

Physical forces are all around us. Learn the defining characteristics of forces in physics, look at some examples, and test your understanding with a short quiz.

Airplanes & Force: Thrust, Drag, Lift & Weight

4. Airplanes & Force: Thrust, Drag, Lift & Weight

Learn about the four forces on an aircraft and how a pilot adjusts the various flaps to control these forces and control the plane. Then take control of your own learning and test yourself with a quiz.

Parts of an Airplane

5. Parts of an Airplane

What parts make up an airplane? Learn where each part of an airplane is found, and what those parts of the plane do. Then test your knowledge with a short quiz.

Airport Taxiways: Markings, Signs, Lights & Colors

6. Airport Taxiways: Markings, Signs, Lights & Colors

Airport taxiways feature signs and lights that serve as markers for pilots and other airport personnel. In this lesson, discover what the markings and lights mean and how they are used to regulate aircraft traffic.

What is an Ammeter? - Definition & Function

7. What is an Ammeter? - Definition & Function

In this lesson, we'll learn what an ammeter is and what it has to do with electric circuits. We'll also talk about the proper ways to connect an ammeter in series and parallel circuits.

How Pilots Use Ammeters

8. How Pilots Use Ammeters

What is an aircraft ammeter? And how are they used by pilots to prevent an emergency? Electrical systems are important and can be the difference between completing your flight as planned and making an emergency landing.

The Effect of Wind on Airplanes

9. The Effect of Wind on Airplanes

Airplanes fly through the air, but that air isn't always still. Learn how wind affects airplanes, and how pilots use controls and instruments on the plane to interact with the wind.

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