Ch 20: AFOQT: Instrument Knowledge

About This Chapter

Use this chapter as an easy way for reviewing subjects connected to instrument knowledge that are covered on the AFOQT exam. You will encounter intriguing text lessons, videos, and quizzes to help you recall important concepts.

AFOQT: Instrument Knowledge - Chapter Summary

Do you remember things like the history of aeronautics, types of aircraft instruments, and the formula of angular speed? If not, this chapter will help you thoroughly review those subjects, plus more, with illustrated text and video lessons! Our short but extensive quizzes also prepare you to answer questions about aircraft instruments for the AFOQT exam. This chapter also includes the following subjects:

  • Definition and performing operations with vectors
  • Determination of the direction of a vector
  • Differences between speed, velocity and acceleration
  • Explanation of the horizon coordinate system
  • Equations using horizontal lines and horizontal line test
  • Aeronautics and an overview of pilot instruments

With this chapter, you can be sure that you get the refresher you need. Our text lessons include highlighted terms to help you review key terms at a glance. Each lesson has a corresponding quiz that you can use to assess your knowledge and determine if you are ready to take the AFOQT exam.

9 Lessons in Chapter 20: AFOQT: Instrument Knowledge
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What is a Vector in Math? - Definition & Examples

1. What is a Vector in Math? - Definition & Examples

This lesson explores vectors, operations with vectors, and modern uses of vectors. Using relevant examples and diagrams, the lesson will demonstrate the applications of vectors in the world.

Vector Components: The Direction of a Vector

2. Vector Components: The Direction of a Vector

After watching this lesson, you will be able to explain what is meant by the direction of a vector and calculate the direction of a vector when given the x and y components. A short quiz will follow.

Speed, Velocity & Acceleration

3. Speed, Velocity & Acceleration

Speed and velocity are not the same thing. Objects' speed and velocity can be identical or very different, depending on their directions of motion. In this article, learn more about these foundational physics concepts, including acceleration and free-falling objects.

Angular Speed: Definition, Formula & Problems

4. Angular Speed: Definition, Formula & Problems

Have you ever heard of angular speed? Would you like to know how it is calculated, or the difference between angular speed and angular velocity? Do you need to solve problems involving rotation? Read on for more information on angular speed.

The Horizon Coordinate System

5. The Horizon Coordinate System

This lesson will describe a celestial coordinate system known as the horizon system or altazimuth system, as well as important terms such as altitude, azimuth, zenith, and angular distance.

What are Horizontal Lines? - Definition & Equations

6. What are Horizontal Lines? - Definition & Equations

In this lesson, we will learn about horizontal lines. What properties are unique to horizontal lines? How do you recognize the graph or equation of a horizontal line? These questions will be investigated here.

Horizontal Line Test: Definition & Overview

7. Horizontal Line Test: Definition & Overview

The horizontal line test is a test used to determine if a function is a one-to-one function. This lesson will define how to perform the horizontal line test as well as give some examples.

What is Aeronautics? - Definition & History

8. What is Aeronautics? - Definition & History

What is aeronautics? Learn the meaning of the term, and the history of aeronautics in general -- from the earliest flying machines, to hot-air balloons, to planes and rockets.

Aircraft Instruments: Types & Examples

9. Aircraft Instruments: Types & Examples

An aircraft cockpit is a dizzying array of dials and instruments. Learn about the various types of instruments that pilots use to understand the position, orientation and motion of the plane.

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