Ch 5: Agile & Scrum Meetings

About This Chapter

Learn about the meetings associated with the Agile and Scrum method of project management, by completing this lesson on Agile and Scrum meetings. You will learn about the various ways to implement Agile using Scrum meetings and procedures.

Agile Scrum Meetings - Chapter Summary

This chapter will enrich your knowledge of Agile processes, including the Scrum framework. You will learn how Agile iterations work and also gain knowledge of Scrum, which is the most popular way to introduce Agile. You will also be introduced to information that will help you learn how to plan Scrum iterations, or sprints. Specific topics covered include:

  • Format & planning of Scrum
  • How to hold a Scrum meeting
  • Implementation of daily Scrum
  • Retrospective: Agile & Scrum

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How it Helps

  • Delineates processes: This chapter clearly outlines the steps to planning and holding a Scrum meeting in a way that employees and supervisors can easily comprehend and apply.
  • Improves productivity: Managers who complete this chapter will have a better understanding of how to conduct retrospective meetings to improve iterations
  • Team building: Employees will learn how to effectively conduct sprint planning in Scrum, giving them a technique to collaborate and meet customer needs.

Skills Covered

At the completion of this chapter, managers will be able to:

  • Record data from Agile iterations
  • Plan and execute effective scrum meetings
  • Understand the tools that can be used to plan sprints
  • Inspect iterations for success
  • Outline possible improvements to increase the success of iterations

8 Lessons in Chapter 5: Agile & Scrum Meetings
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Agile Iteration: Definition & Planning

1. Agile Iteration: Definition & Planning

One of the defining aspects of Agile is the iterative process involved in completing work. This is in contrast to the linear and sequential approach of traditional project methodologies. Learn the definition and planning of an Agile iteration.

What is Iteration Zero in Agile Projects?

2. What is Iteration Zero in Agile Projects?

Iteration zero is a critical step in the successful initiation of agile projects. In this lesson, we will look at why iteration zero is important and what project tasks will need to be addressed to complete this step.

Scrum Meeting: Format & Rules

3. Scrum Meeting: Format & Rules

In Agile, it is vital for everyone involved in a project to be on the same page. This happens through the consistent communication that takes place in Scrum meetings. Learn the format and rules for Scrum meetings.

Scrum Meetings: Planning & Demo

4. Scrum Meetings: Planning & Demo

Scrum methodology is defined by its iterative approach to projects. These iterations are marked by various meetings, particularly the planning meeting at the beginning and the demo meeting at the end. Learn about planning and demo.

Daily Scrum: Purpose, Rules & Best Practices

5. Daily Scrum: Purpose, Rules & Best Practices

You may have heard of it but aren't quite sure what it is. What is the Daily Scrum? In this lesson we will define the Daily Scrum, explaining its rules and best practices.

Sprint Planning in Scrum: Tools & Tips

6. Sprint Planning in Scrum: Tools & Tips

One of the unique aspects of Scrum is teams that are self-led and can make decisions about the work they take on. These decisions are made during the sprint planning meeting. Learn tools and tips of sprint planning in Scrum.

Agile Retrospective: Ideas & Activities

7. Agile Retrospective: Ideas & Activities

Project meetings rarely get people excited. However, when done well, Agile Retrospectives can be a fun way to evaluate and improve. This lesson provides ideas and activities for Agile Retrospectives.

Scrum Retrospective: Format & Techniques

8. Scrum Retrospective: Format & Techniques

The Scrum process pushes for improved quality, not only in project work but also in project teams. Team improvement comes through retrospective meetings. Learn the format of and techniques for Scrum retrospective meetings.

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