Ch 7: Agile & Scrum Software Development

About This Chapter

When using Agile and Scrum it is helpful to know about Agile and Scrum systems, programming and development. The short lessons of this chapter will explain these topics in an accessible and effective way.

Agile & Scrum Software Development - Chapter Summary

This chapter has been assembled by our instructors as a quick and effective way to review the components of Agile & Scrum software development. In this chapter employees will review:

  • Methods of Agile software development and Agile programming
  • The life cycle of Agile software development
  • Agile software development with Scrum and the differences between extreme programming and Scrum
  • Models and phases of Scrum SDLC
  • Developing and implementing lean software
  • Agile systems and Agile databases
  • Agile engineering and processes in systems engineering
  • Agile Continuous integration and its benefits

In addition to these engaging lessons, employees will also have access to short quizzes which they may use to assess how well they understand the material and identify topics they may want to review further. At the end of the chapter, they will have another opportunity to test their knowledge by completing the practice chapter exam. If there are any questions regarding the lessons of this chapter, the 'teacher' tabs of the lessons offer a way to communicate with our expert instructors.

How It Helps

  • Builds awareness: This chapter will help improve your employees' knowledge of the methods and applications of Agile & Scrum software development.
  • Improve skills: Following these lessons, your employees should be better able to work with Agile & Scrum software.
  • Creates confidence: With a better understanding of Agile & Scrum software development, employees should be more confident in their abilities and thus work more effectively than before.

Skills covered

By the end of this chapter, employees will be able to:

  • Identify the states and methods of Agile Software development
  • Use tools of Agile software development
  • Work with Agile systems and databases
  • Understand Agile continuous integration

11 Lessons in Chapter 7: Agile & Scrum Software Development
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What is Agile Software Development? - Definition & Methodology

1. What is Agile Software Development? - Definition & Methodology

Software development projects are becoming more prominent, but are not well-suited for traditional project methodologies. Agile provides an alternative to traditional methodologies. Learn the definition and methodology of Agile software development in this lesson.

Agile Software Development: Process & Life Cycle

2. Agile Software Development: Process & Life Cycle

This lesson discusses the Agile framework for software development, shares a few of the most common methodologies, then looks at the life cycle of a typical Agile process.

Agile Software Development with Scrum

3. Agile Software Development with Scrum

When it comes to project methodology, Agile and Scrum are often used interchangeably. However, Agile involves a set of values while Scrum is an approach to implement those values. Learn about Agile software development implemented with Scrum methodology.

Agile Life Cycle for Software Development

4. Agile Life Cycle for Software Development

The Life Cycle for a software product will pass through a set of stages in its evolution over time. In this lesson, we will investigate how these phases typically fit together in an Agile Software Development Life Cycle.

Lean Software Development: Methodology & Implementation

5. Lean Software Development: Methodology & Implementation

Can one learn how to develop software by observing a supermarket? Explore the Lean software development methodology and seven principles for its successful implementation.

What is Agile Programming? - Definition & Methodology

6. What is Agile Programming? - Definition & Methodology

In this lesson, we will discover what agile programming is and why it was developed. We will identify some key features and take a look at how the process works.

Agile Refactoring Principles

7. Agile Refactoring Principles

Can writing a software code be similar to spring-cleaning your wardrobe? In this lesson, you will learn about refactoring and four key principles behind it.

Extreme Programming vs. Scrum

8. Extreme Programming vs. Scrum

Extreme Programming and Scrum are two methodologies to implement Agile that share some traits and are often used together. Despite their similarities and compatibility, each is a distinct methodology. Learn about Extreme Programming versus Scrum.

Technical Debt: Definition & Example

9. Technical Debt: Definition & Example

Should you buy a new laptop only once you have enough money saved, or should you buy it today with borrowed money? Organizations face a similar dilemma when developing new IT products. Learn how technical debt can help them overcome the issue!

What Is Continuous Integration?

10. What Is Continuous Integration?

Welcome to continuous integration, where you will learn how to successfully create a process of introducing software changes quickly while providing a quality product.

Benefits of Agile Continuous Integration

11. Benefits of Agile Continuous Integration

Agile methodologies find the balance between speed and quality, where working software is produced at frequent intervals. This efficiency can only be achieved through continuous integration. Learn the benefits of Agile continuous integration.

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