Ch 8: Agility Transformations

About This Chapter

Provide instruction for your employees with this informative and easily accessible corporate training chapter on agility transformations. They can learn about related topics from home or at work using a computer or mobile device.

Agility Transformations - Chapter Summary

This chapter features a series of lessons on agility transformations that you can share with or assign to your employees. Topics include the problems and pitfalls associated with business agility and the process of making agility transformations stick. Use this chapter as a training tool in workshops with new or veteran employees.

How It Helps

  • Provides direction: Not only does this chapter provide information about the concepts of agility transformations, it also provides plans and applications to put these subjects into practice right away.
  • Offers understanding: Your employees will learn about business agility health radar assessments, common agility transformation tracks and stable teams as they relate to these transformations.
  • Helps avoid problems: In addition to tips to create success in agility transformations, these lessons also include tips for making these changes work, and problems and issues to avoid.

Skills Covered

Once your team members have completed this chapter, they should be able to:

  • Understand a business agility health radar assessment
  • Develop a business agility transformation plan
  • Discuss types of common agility transformation tracks
  • Develop agility transformation teams
  • Know how to build stable teams as they pertain to agility transformation
  • Make agility transformations stick
  • Outline the pitfalls and problems that make agile fail
  • Assess business agility

8 Lessons in Chapter 8: Agility Transformations
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Business Agility Health Radar Assessment

1. Business Agility Health Radar Assessment

A business agility radar assessment helps organizations gauge their progress toward agility. This lesson outlines what elements to include in the assessment, and it discusses the importance and timing of a baseline assessment.

Developing a Business Agility Transformation Plan

2. Developing a Business Agility Transformation Plan

This lesson will explain how your organization can design a business agility transformation by developing a compelling transformation vision, objectives, and measures for success.

Common Agility Transformation Tracks: Types & Roadmap

3. Common Agility Transformation Tracks: Types & Roadmap

There's more than one way to be agile. in fact, there are several tracks that lead to business agility. This lesson explores five of the most commonly used tracks, and it outlines a potential roadmap for each track.

Developing Agility Transformation Teams

4. Developing Agility Transformation Teams

This lesson will examine the nature of agility transformation and look at how to select and develop an agility transformation team, along with who should be represented on the team and why.

Stable Teams in Agility Transformation

5. Stable Teams in Agility Transformation

This lesson will explain how to design organizational structure around stable teams. We'll also learn about the importance of, and strategies for, enabling teams and leveraging the power of 'communities of practice.'

Making Agility Transformations Stick

6. Making Agility Transformations Stick

This lesson explains strategies to make agility transformations stick in organizations, such as enabling internal change agents, engaging human resources, and continuously measuring progress.

When Agile Fails: Problems & Pitfalls

7. When Agile Fails: Problems & Pitfalls

Agile is often treated as the solution to the shortcomings of traditional project methodologies. Despite its many advantages, Agile methodology does have its share of vulnerabilities. Learn the problems and pitfalls that cause Agile to fail.

Practical Application: Assessing Business Agility

8. Practical Application: Assessing Business Agility

How agile is your business? In this lesson, you'll find a table for checking your company's agile characteristics and suggestions for improving and growing your agile environment.

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