Ch 3: Air Embolisms & Cardiac Arrhythmia

About This Chapter

Learn about the types, symptoms and treatment of air embolisms and cardiac arrhythmia. This chapter will allow you to prepare for a big exam or simply enhance your knowledge by helping you master the topics in each lesson.

Air Embolisms & Cardiac Arrhythmia - Chapter Summary

The lessons in this chapter are designed to provide you with detailed information about air embolisms and cardiac arrhythmia. This is a progressive course of study, where each lesson is devoted to specific information that builds upon what is taught in the previous lesson. Every lesson consists of easy-to-understand graphics and text along with self-assessment quizzes that can help you see which areas you might need to review. Chapter content includes topics in:

  • Air embolism definition
  • Different types of air embolisms
  • Ways air embolisms are treated
  • Cardiac arrhythmia definition
  • Various types of cardiac arrhythmia
  • Symptoms associated with cardiac arrhythmia
  • Difference between cardiac dysrhythmia and arrhythmia

7 Lessons in Chapter 3: Air Embolisms & Cardiac Arrhythmia
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What is an Air Embolism?

1. What is an Air Embolism?

Movies tell us that injecting air into the vein of a person can kill them. But is this true or just Hollywood myth and legend? This lesson answers this question as you learn about the definition of an air embolism.

Types of Air Embolisms

2. Types of Air Embolisms

This lesson will discuss different types of embolisms. We will discuss the vessels affected by embolisms and the organs most susceptible to damage by air bubbles.

Air Embolism: Symptoms & Treatment

3. Air Embolism: Symptoms & Treatment

In this lesson, we'll examine what an air embolism is as well as the different symptoms and treatment methods. We'll also briefly go over the types and causes of air embolisms, considering treatment depends on how the embolism occurred.

What is a Cardiac Arrhythmia?

4. What is a Cardiac Arrhythmia?

So you feel a fluttering in your chest. It's unnerving. What is a cardiac arrhythmia, anyways? We will review the basics of cardiac arrhythmias in this lesson.

Types of Cardiac Arrhythmia

5. Types of Cardiac Arrhythmia

There are many different types of cardiac arrhythmias. Some you may be able to feel, others are unknown until it is too late. In this module we will review the types of cardiac arrhythmias.

Cardiac Arrhythmia: Symptoms & Treatment

6. Cardiac Arrhythmia: Symptoms & Treatment

In this lesson we are going to learn about the signs and symptoms commonly associated with cardiac arrhythmias. The treatments used to correct the two major types of arrhytmias will be covered as well.

Cardiac Dysrhythmia vs Arrhythmia

7. Cardiac Dysrhythmia vs Arrhythmia

Have you heard of dysrhythmia and arrhythmia? Are you confused as to their similarities and differences? This lesson describes the practical and the more subtle similarities and differences between the two.

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