Ch 16: Algebra: Differential Equations

About This Chapter

Watch the lesson videos in this chapter to reinforce your understanding of differential equations. Review material on the different types of differential equations, including how to identify and solve them.

Algebra: Differential Equations - Chapter Summary

The objective of this chapter is to refresh your knowledge of differential equations through a series of short engaging lesson videos. Watch these videos to review separable, homogeneous, nonexact, first-order linear and higher-order linear equations. After viewing this series of lesson videos you should have a greater understanding of:

  • Differences between ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations
  • How to solve separable equations
  • Homogeneous and exact equations
  • Nonexact equations and integrating factors
  • Methods for solving first-order linear equations
  • Higher-order linear equations with constant coefficients

Each lesson video is taught by a professional instructor who is available to answer any questions you may develop during the course of this chapter. Better fortify your understanding of the material covered in these lesson videos by taking lesson quizzes. Use the results from the quizzes to determine what areas you have not mastered, then return to the points in the lesson videos where those topics were discussed using video tags on the timeline. If you think you would benefit from another way of reviewing the material, read over the written lesson transcripts.

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