Ch 1: Algebra Flashcards

About This Chapter

Practice with these flashcard sets for a fast way to memorize algebra formulas and concepts. These flashcards can refresh your memories concerning major algebra terms and equations.

Algebra Flashcards - Summary

Go through the flashcard sets in this chapter to brush up on your mathematics skills in the field of algebra. You can use these flashcard sets as you commit terms, formulas, and equations to your memory. Our interactive flashcards can help you review major algebra concepts, such as the following:

  • Perfect squares
  • Plus more algebra topics!

How They Work

If you need to have these algebra facts, formulas, and figures fresh in your mind, these flashcards give you exactly what you need in an easy-to-use format.

  • Open a flashcard set for the algebra topic you're studying.
  • Identify or solve the formula, term, or example equation on the flashcard.
  • Click the button to flip the card and view the answer.
  • Select whether you got it right or missed it to keep track of your progress.
  • Click the Next arrow to proceed through the flashcard set.
  • Review the cards you missed or shuffle all cards back in and go through them again.

6 Lessons in Chapter 1: Algebra Flashcards
Algebra Terms Flashcards

Algebra Terms Flashcards

Want to learn some basic algebra words? Use this flashcard set to learn and understand what some common algebra words and symbols mean and how they relate to each other in algebraic equations.

Equivalent Fractions List & Flashcards

Equivalent Fractions List & Flashcards

These flashcards will test your knowledge of terminology associated with fractions and how to find and test equivalent fractions. Learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions to find fractions that do not look alike but do have the same value.

Linear Equation Word Problem Flashcards

Linear Equation Word Problem Flashcards

Linear equations are considered to be the most basic equations of algebraic functions and can be found in most daily situations, such as trying to determine distance and time during a trip or the amount of money you will earn for working a specific number of hours based on an hourly rate. Learn how to identify linear equations and how they are a part of our daily routines.

Perfect Squares List & Flashcards

Perfect Squares List & Flashcards

Do you want to know the perfect square of many different numbers? Perfect squares are commonly used in Algebra. This flashcard set includes the perfect square of numbers 1 through 30.

Number Bond Flashcards

Number Bond Flashcards

Number bonds provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between a specific number and the numbers that are added together to create it. This flashcard set is also great for studying and practicing addition and subtraction facts.

Quotient Flashcards

Quotient Flashcards

These flashcards give examples of division of numbers, monomials, and polynomials. Most of the cards have straightforward examples; however, some of them are also a bit conceptual, requiring understanding of what division truly entails.

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