Ch 11: Alternative Medicine & Pharmacology

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Pharmacology students and healthcare professionals can use these engaging lessons and quizzes to study alternative medicine and pharmacology. These mobile-friendly resources can improve comprehension of alternative medicine topics at any time that fits your schedule.

Alternative Medicine & Pharmacology - Chapter Summary

This collection of introductory pharmacology lessons examines the relationship between alternative medicine and pharmacology. As you work through the chapter, you'll find short and informative lessons that break down relevant topics, including medical herbology and the history of herbal medicine.

The chapter is taught by subject-matter experts who designed each lesson to be simple and memorable. Each lesson comes with a short self-assessment quiz to help you solidify your understanding of the alternative medicine terms and concepts you've studied. For your convenience, we've made the chapter accessible on any device that has an Internet connection.

How It Helps

This chapter can help pharmacology students, as well as working healthcare professionals. Students in a pharmacology course can use these lessons to supplement their textbooks and better understand how alternative medicine relates to the field. The lessons can also function as effective test preparation resources and homework help tools. Aspiring pharmacologists or other healthcare professionals who need to improve their understanding of pharmacology and alternative medicine can study the chapter at any time that fits their schedule.

Skills Covered

By the end of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define and recognize the different types of medicinal herbology
  • Summarize the history of herbal medicine

17 Lessons in Chapter 11: Alternative Medicine & Pharmacology
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Alternative Medicine: Definition, Types & Examples

1. Alternative Medicine: Definition, Types & Examples

There seems to be an alternative to everything nowadays. Alternative rock, alternative facts and, of course, alternative medicine. We'll stick to discussing the latter in this lesson.

Alternative Medicine for Seizures

2. Alternative Medicine for Seizures

Conventional medication may not work for all people with seizures. And so, they might turn to alternative therapies to try and control their seizures. This lesson goes over some of them.

Alternative Medicine for Pancreatitis

3. Alternative Medicine for Pancreatitis

This lesson is going to go over some of the many alternative therapies available for pancreatitis. From specific diets to herbal medicine to supplements and more.

Alternative Medicine for Graves Disease

4. Alternative Medicine for Graves Disease

Graves disease is an autoimmune disorder that results in overproduction of thyroid hormones. This lesson discusses some of the alternative medicine choices for this disorder.

Alternative Medicine for Lyme Disease

5. Alternative Medicine for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a disorder caused by a bacterium commonly transmitted by a deer tick. This lesson goes over some of the alternative therapies proposed for this condition.

Alternative Medicine for High Blood Pressure

6. Alternative Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Known as the silent killer, hypertension damages your entire body without you even knowing about it. This lesson goes over alternative therapies for treating high blood pressure.

Alternative Medicine for Diabetes

7. Alternative Medicine for Diabetes

Diabetes is a very well-known and serious medical disorder that has been treated in numerous ways. This lesson goes over some potential non-mainstream techniques that could be used to help a person with diabetes.

Alternative Medicine for Lupus

8. Alternative Medicine for Lupus

In this lesson, you're going to answer a short few riddles. They will help you figure out what kinds of alternative therapies can be used to help treat a condition called Lupus.

Alternative Medicine for Allergies

9. Alternative Medicine for Allergies

Allergies can cause you a ton of misery around spring, or all of the time, in some cases. Some people believe there are alternative therapies for allergies that have helped them. This lesson goes over some of them.

Alternative Medicine for Hypothyroidism

10. Alternative Medicine for Hypothyroidism

Constipation, fatigue, headaches, and hair loss are just some of the symptoms associated with an underactive thyroid. This lesson describes some of the alternative medicine that has been used to try to treat hypothyroidism.

Alternative Medicine for Osteoporosis

11. Alternative Medicine for Osteoporosis

This lesson goes over the numerous alternative therapies some believe will help people with osteoporosis or its signs and symptoms. You'll learn about diet, homeopathy, aromatherapy and more.

Alternative Medicine for Osteoarthritis

12. Alternative Medicine for Osteoarthritis

In this lesson, you'll learn about osteoarthritis, one of the most common conditions in the world. After reviewing what this disease is, we'll cover different types of alternative medicine available to treat it.

Alternative Medicine for Epilepsy

13. Alternative Medicine for Epilepsy

Although there are many conventional methods for treating epilepsy, alternative medicine is becoming a more prominent treatment option. Learn what alternative medicine is available for epilepsy and why it is used.

Alternative Medicine for Shingles

14. Alternative Medicine for Shingles

This lesson focuses on shingles, a painful condition that some people experience late in life. If you've had chicken pox and are interested in alternative medicine, you should read this lesson!

Alternative Medicine for Hyperthyroidism

15. Alternative Medicine for Hyperthyroidism

Acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy and others are alternative therapies that have been used for a wide range of conditions, including hyperthyroidism. This lesson discusses how some of these therapies might be applied to people with hyperthyroidism.

Alternative Medicine for High Cholesterol

16. Alternative Medicine for High Cholesterol

Is cholesterol all that bad? Whether you said yes or no, you're correct. You'll learn why in this lesson as you also learn about the alternative therapies available for high cholesterol.

Alternative Medicine for Psoriasis

17. Alternative Medicine for Psoriasis

Most of us have itchy skin once in a while but psoriasis is a whole other ball game. If you want to know more about what psoriasis is as well as its alternative therapies, read this lesson.

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