Ch 17: Ancient Greece: Sparta Overview

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Let the lessons in this chapter on ancient Sparta help you deepen your understanding of this very important Greek city-state. By working through this chapter, you can improve your class performance, prepare for exams, or just expand your horizons.

Ancient Greece: Sparta Overview - Chapter Summary

The video and text lessons in this chapter can help you learn about Sparta's history, writing, daily life, culture, and much more. As you move through the chapter, you'll also study Sparta's religion, their economic system, and how the Spartans governed themselves. When you're finished, you should know how to:

  • Describe the history, government and economics of ancient Sparta
  • Trace the life and impact of Lycurgus of Sparta
  • Discuss the role of women in ancient Greece
  • Detail Spartan religious festivals, traditions, burials and death rites
  • Compare and contrast life in Sparta vs. life in Athens
  • Relate information about Spartan architecture, art and literature
  • Share details about day-to-day life in Sparta

These short, engaging lessons are designed to help you move through the material quickly and easily. Each video lesson is accompanied by a transcript, with key vocabulary highlighted for easy reference. Both the video and text lessons are well-researched and engagingly written, and are presented by expert instructors. You can check your retention of the material using the lesson quizzes, and the chapter test allows you to test your overall mastery of what you've read. The convenient online platform allows you to study from any Internet-capable device and is readily accessible 24/7/365.

11 Lessons in Chapter 17: Ancient Greece: Sparta Overview
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History of Sparta

1. History of Sparta

In this lesson, you'll examine forces that shaped a Spartan society of elite warriors. We'll also explore the stratified caste system created by Lycurgus.

Lycurgus of Sparta: Life & Laws

2. Lycurgus of Sparta: Life & Laws

In this lesson, we will learn who Lycurgus of Sparta was. Together, we'll take a closer look at his history, his personal life and his legacy. Then we can analyze the improvements he made to Sparta and the ways in which his death impacted the survival of those changes.

Spartan Government in Ancient Greece

3. Spartan Government in Ancient Greece

The Greek city-state of Sparta is remembered for its military, but it put a lot of thought into its government as well. In this lesson, we'll look at this system and see how the Spartan government worked.

Women of Greece

4. Women of Greece

The Greeks were one of the most progressive ancient civilizations, but that wasn't true in how they treated women. This lesson goes over facts about how women were treated and explains how the best place to be a woman in Greece was Sparta.

Ancient Sparta: Economy & Trade

5. Ancient Sparta: Economy & Trade

Ancient Sparta was unique amongst the Greek city-states in many ways. That uniqueness extended to their economy. In this lesson, we'll explore the Spartan economy and see what set it apart from its contemporaries.

Ancient Sparta: Religion, Death & Burial

6. Ancient Sparta: Religion, Death & Burial

Sparta holds a special place in Western history as a military powerhouse, but its religious traditions are no less impressive. In this lesson we'll explore Sparta's beliefs and the ways that it honored its military dead.

Spartan Traditions: Festivals & History

7. Spartan Traditions: Festivals & History

Explore the history behind some of Sparta's local festivals. You will learn about the traditions and customs of several Spartan holidays including the Hyakinthia, the Gymnopaedia, and the Karneia festivals.

Spartan Art & Architecture: History & Style

8. Spartan Art & Architecture: History & Style

The Spartan philosophy is generally considered to be incompatible with such Epicurean pursuits as art and architecture. However, this lesson describes how art and architecture actually had a rich and proud heritage in Sparta.

Spartan Writing & Literature

9. Spartan Writing & Literature

Ancient Sparta is remembered for many things, but literature usually isn't one of them. In this lesson, we'll talk about the role of literature in Sparta and see why the city-state isn't remembered for its literary contributions.

Daily Life in Sparta

10. Daily Life in Sparta

In this lesson, you'll learn about the daily life of the people in Sparta, including their work, clothing, marriage customs, diet, leisure activities, and militaristic culture.

Life in Athens vs. Life in Sparta

11. Life in Athens vs. Life in Sparta

In this lesson, you will explore the societies of Athens and Sparta and discover how they interacted in the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars. Then, you can test your understanding with a brief quiz.

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