Ch 9: Ancient Israel Overview

About This Chapter

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Ancient Israel Overview - Chapter Summary

This chapter provides a high-level overview of ancient Israel. Taught by expert history instructors, this comprehensive chapter will show you how the ancient Israelis lived and how their society functioned. You'll examine ancient Israel's religion, art, architecture, technologies, economy and more. After studying these lessons, you'll be equipped to:

  • Understand the functions of ancient Israel's society, political structure and economy
  • Recognize the technologies, crafts and engineering systems of ancient Israel
  • Evaluate the religious beliefs of the ancient Israelis and Hebrews
  • Identify the laws and teachings of the Torah
  • Summarize the history of ancient Israeli art and architecture
  • Know what the Samarian Ostracon were used for
  • Understand what daily life was like in ancient Israel

After completing each lesson, we encourage you to take the accompanying self-assessment quiz to check your understanding of the material and retain the historical facts you've studied. Our expert instructors are available to answer your questions, and you can easily access the chapter material on any device that has an Internet connection.

9 Lessons in Chapter 9: Ancient Israel Overview
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Ancient Israel: Social Structure & Political Organization

1. Ancient Israel: Social Structure & Political Organization

Ancient Israel was not just a political entity, but also a religious one run by a religious monarchy along with a priesthood. This lesson will discuss this duality and the classes and roles of other members of society.

Ancient Israel: Economy & Trade

2. Ancient Israel: Economy & Trade

Ancient Israel developed major cities over time to support armies as a defense against enemy nations, but they also traded their agricultural products with some of these nations, causing an influence on their culture as well.

Craft, Industry & Technology in Ancient Israel

3. Craft, Industry & Technology in Ancient Israel

The ancient Israelites relied on carpentry, mining, and metalworking for most of their housing, armor, and weaponry needs. This lesson will discuss these industries and their products as well as the important technology of ancient Israel.

Ancient Israel: Religious Beliefs, Figures & Places

4. Ancient Israel: Religious Beliefs, Figures & Places

Ancient Israelite religion was not as simple as belief in Yahweh, but also had some conception of other deities as well. This lesson will discuss this ambiguity as well as some of the important figures and holy places of Israelite religion.

The Hebrews and Their Beliefs

5. The Hebrews and Their Beliefs

This lesson covers the Hebrews and their beliefs. We look at the core tenets of Judaism and explore some of the stories from the Torah. Finally, we see how the Hebrews' history of oppression impacted their religion and the world today.

The Torah: Definition, Laws & Teachings

6. The Torah: Definition, Laws & Teachings

The Torah has influenced leaders from King David of the Israelites to Martin Luther King, Jr. Central to both Judaism and Christianity (as the first five books of the Old Testament), the Torah's teachings lend to the belief held by some that it is nothing short of the word of God.

Ancient Israel Art & Architecture: History & Style

7. Ancient Israel Art & Architecture: History & Style

Ancient Israel was active in art and architecture. Their designs for their buildings and products weren't just to look appealing, but were also for practical purposes, like food, storage, and water supplies.

Samaria Ostraca: Definition & History

8. Samaria Ostraca: Definition & History

The ancient Kingdom of Israel was a powerful ancient state, but little is known about daily life in it. In this lesson, we'll look at some important artifacts from this kingdom and see what they tell us about ancient Israelite civilization.

Daily Life in Ancient Israel

9. Daily Life in Ancient Israel

While you might have heard tales of the kings and queens and important figures of ancient Israel, do you know what life was like for the everyday Israelite? This lesson will discuss how everyday Israelites lived from meals to occupations to clothing.

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