Ch 5: Aneurysms & Cardiovascular Diseases

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Deepen your understanding of aneurysms and cardiovascular diseases with help from bite-sized lessons, short quizzes and expert instruction. This chapter offers all the information and resources you need to study for and excel on an upcoming test.

Aneurysms & Cardiovascular Diseases - Chapter Summary

Top instructors have created entertaining lessons you can study at home or on-the-go to improve your knowledge of aneurysms and cardiovascular diseases. Review this chapter to gain full comprehension of arterial and venous occlusions, peripheral venous disease and much more. When finished, you may be able to:

  • Define and list types of acute peripheral vascular insufficiency
  • Discuss options for treating acute peripheral vascular insufficiency
  • Identify symptoms and describe the treatment of peripheral venous disease
  • Explain how arterial and venous occlusions are diagnosed and treated
  • Share the definition, causes and symptoms of aneurysms
  • Differentiate between ruptured and dissecting aneurysms
  • Compare and contrast thoracic, abdominal and thoracoabdominal aneuryms

This chapter is a fantastic solution for individuals interested in tailoring their study of aneurysms and cardiovascular disease to their personal schedule. Feel free to access the lessons in this chapter anytime using any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Take the multiple-choice quizzes of your choice to gauge your comprehension of individual lessons. For a broader review of this chapter, be sure to take our practice exam.

7 Lessons in Chapter 5: Aneurysms & Cardiovascular Diseases
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Acute Peripheral Vascular Insufficiency: Definition & Types

1. Acute Peripheral Vascular Insufficiency: Definition & Types

Acute peripheral vascular insufficiency (PVI) is the sudden complete loss of blood flow to a limb. The different types of PVI are those caused by atherosclerosis, embolus or a thrombus. Acute peripheral vascular insufficiency can be life threatening if left untreated.

Treatment Options for Acute Peripheral Vascular Insufficiency

2. Treatment Options for Acute Peripheral Vascular Insufficiency

Peripheral vascular disease is also known as peripheral arterial disease. In this condition, restricted arteries reduce blood flow to the body's extremities. This lesson discusses the treatment options for acute peripheral vascular insufficiencies.

Peripheral Venous Disease: Symptoms & Treatment

3. Peripheral Venous Disease: Symptoms & Treatment

This lesson will discuss numerous cases of peripheral venous disease, including varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, and thrombophlebitis, as well as their causes and treatment options.

Arterial & Venous Occlusions: Diagnosis & Treatment

4. Arterial & Venous Occlusions: Diagnosis & Treatment

Obstructed or occluded arteries and veins are serious medical conditions that can potentially be life-threatening. This lesson will provide information on the diagnosis and treatment of arterial and venous occlusions.

Aneurysm: Definition, Causes & Symptoms

5. Aneurysm: Definition, Causes & Symptoms

You've probably heard of someone having an aneurysm, but what exactly does that mean? Read this lesson to learn what an aneurysm is, what causes it, and what the symptoms are.

Ruptured vs. Dissecting Aneurysms

6. Ruptured vs. Dissecting Aneurysms

This lesson is going to define ruptured aneurysms and dissecting aneurysms. You'll learn about other aneurysms in the process, as well as the signs, symptoms, and treatments related to the former two.

Thoracic, Abdominal & Thoracoabdominal Aneurysms

7. Thoracic, Abdominal & Thoracoabdominal Aneurysms

An aneurysm is a weakening of an artery caused by bulging and expansion. Symptoms and treatments of aneurysms depend on where they show up in the body. This lesson will discuss thoracic, abdominal, and thoracoabdominal aneurysms.

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