Ch 7: Antecedent Influences on Functionalism

About This Chapter

This fun online chapter can help you better understand antecedent influences on functionalism. Explore entertaining lessons and take short quizzes to strengthen your knowledge as you prepare to take an exam or work on an assignment.

Antecedent Influences on Functionalism - Chapter Summary

Review the engaging lessons in this chapter to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of antecedent influences on functionalism. Access them anytime using any computer or mobile device to learn more about Sir Francis Galton, the history of intelligence testing and more. With each lesson is a short quiz designed to assess your knowledge of the concepts it covers. If you develop questions during your lesson reviews, feel free to send them to our experts. By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Explain Charles Darwin's contribution to psychology
  • Analyze Sir Francis Galton's ideas on intelligence, eugenics and fingerprints
  • Summarize the history of intelligence testing
  • Evaluate George Romanes' anecdotal method
  • Point out misrepresentations and facts about C. Lloyd Morgan's canon

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