Ch 2: Anthropology Essay Topics & Lesson Plans

About This Chapter

This collection of convenient teacher resources provides a variety of anthropology essay topics. Access these essay topic ideas at any time to plan your class essay assignments and test your students' anthropology knowledge.

Anthropology Essay Topics - Chapter Summary

Plan your anthropology essay topics with these helpful teacher resources. Access this chapter at any time to generate ideas for essay assignments on linguistic and ecological anthropology. The essay topics are designed to test your students' comprehension of essential anthropology terms and concepts. These resources are also accessible on any computer or mobile device, which helps you plan your essay assignments whenever it's convenient.

How It Helps

  • Improves student critical thinking skills: These essay topics are designed to help your students think critically about a variety of anthropology topics.
  • Provides effective assignments: You can assign these essay topics as homework or in-class writing assignments.
  • Assesses student knowledge: The essay topics can help you evaluate your students' comprehension of important anthropology concepts.

Skills Covered

By the end of the chapter, you'll be able to assign essay topics about:

  • Linguistic anthropology
  • Ecological anthropology

12 Lessons in Chapter 2: Anthropology Essay Topics & Lesson Plans
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Linguistic Anthropology Essay Topics

1. Linguistic Anthropology Essay Topics

Are you trying to help your students understand the complicated yet important field of linguistic anthropology? This lesson provides a series of essay topics that will encourage students to consider linguistic anthropology while developing their critical thinking.

Ecological Anthropology Paper Topics

2. Ecological Anthropology Paper Topics

These paper topics are designed to get our students thinking critically about ecological anthropology and display the knowledge they have on the topic. These topics can be used as take-home essays or papers, or as part of in-class examinations.

Cultural Anthropology Lesson Plan

3. Cultural Anthropology Lesson Plan

Students will become anthropologists for a day and learn about the three branches of cultural anthropology. They will watch a video, participate in discussion questions, complete an activity and take a quiz.

What is Cultural Anthropology?

4. What is Cultural Anthropology?

This lesson will be a brief overview of cultural anthropology. It will highlight the concept of culture while also defining the main branches of archaeology, anthropological linguistics, and ethnology.

Forensic Anthropology Lesson Plan

5. Forensic Anthropology Lesson Plan

What is forensic anthropology and how is it used to solve crimes? A text lesson summarizes key points about the field for students. An activity uses real cases to highlight critical elements of forensic anthropology.

What is Forensic Anthropology? - Definition & Famous Cases

6. What is Forensic Anthropology? - Definition & Famous Cases

Do you know what forensic anthropology is? Not only will you learn what this field is, but you will also learn about the many different famous cases it has been applied to.

Biological Anthropology Lesson Plan

7. Biological Anthropology Lesson Plan

Educate your students on the subject of biological anthropology with this lesson plan. The students will peruse a text lesson, take a related follow-up quiz, and participate in two hands-on activities to reinforce new concepts.

What is Biological Anthropology? - Definition & Subfields

8. What is Biological Anthropology? - Definition & Subfields

Why do some people fear open spaces? How can science help solve crimes? These and many other questions have much to do with the field of biological anthropology.

Archaeology Lesson Plan for Elementary School

9. Archaeology Lesson Plan for Elementary School

Archeology can be a fun way to learn about people of the past. With this lesson plan, students will learn about the goals of archeology and will practice their own mock excavation and analysis of artifacts.

Archaeology Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts

10. Archaeology Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts

Archaeologists are scientists who study the history of humans by looking at what man-made objects were left behind. In this lesson, you will learn what archaeology is, what archaeologists do and amazing facts about archaeology.

Archaeology Lesson Plan

11. Archaeology Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is a tool for helping teachers explain the history and specializations within the field of archaeology to students. Students will research sub-disciplines of archaeological study.

Cultural Anthropology Activities for High School

12. Cultural Anthropology Activities for High School

These activities will help you to introduce your students to the goals, methods, and basic ideas of cultural anthropology. Each activity is designed to be adaptable to fit the needs of your specific classroom.

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