Ch 4: Anticoagulant Medications

About This Chapter

This pharmacology chapter provides basic information on different anticoagulant medications. You can use these lessons and quizzes as studying, training, continuing education or independent learning resources.

Anticoagulant Medications - Chapter Summary

Take a look at this chapter's lessons to study a variety of anticonvulsant medications, including apixiban and edoxaban. As you progress through the chapter, you'll examine information about these drugs, including their uses, side effects, classifications, mechanisms of action, structure and more.

You can work through the chapter at your own pace, and it's accessible on any device that has an Internet connection. The online format of the chapter helps you study any time that fits your schedule. To help you reinforce your anticoagulant medication knowledge, we've included self-assessment quizzes throughout the chapter.

How It Helps

This skills and training chapter can benefit anyone who needs to learn or review anticoagulant medication topics. If you're a pharmacology student, study this chapter to learn new concepts, supplement your class textbooks or get ready for upcoming exams. Healthcare professionals can also use the chapter for training, skill development and continuing education purposes.

Skills Covered

When you're finished working through the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Describe the structure of the drug apixaban
  • Recognize apixaban's drug class
  • Assess apixiban's indications, side effects and drug interactions
  • Compare apixaban and edoxaban
  • Evaluate the mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics of apixaban

6 Lessons in Chapter 4: Anticoagulant Medications
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What is Apixaban? - Drug Class & Structure

1. What is Apixaban? - Drug Class & Structure

This lesson goes over a drug called apixaban. You'll learn what it is better known as, its general and specific drug class, and a bit about its structure.

Apixaban: Indications, Drug Interactions & Side Effects

2. Apixaban: Indications, Drug Interactions & Side Effects

This lesson defines and explains the major uses of a medication known as apixaban. You'll also learn about some of its important drug interactions and critical side effects.

Edoxaban vs. Apixaban

3. Edoxaban vs. Apixaban

This lesson compares and contrasts the many similarities and differences between medications known as edoxaban and apixaban. You'll learn their indications, side effects, and pregnancy risk categories.

Apixaban: Mechanism of Action & Pharmacokinetics

4. Apixaban: Mechanism of Action & Pharmacokinetics

If you want to know all there is to know about a drug, you need to know how it works. It is also important to understand how a drug moves through the human body. In this lesson, we will explore the mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics of apixaban.

Warfarin Mechanism of Action

5. Warfarin Mechanism of Action

This lesson goes over the important concepts behind warfarin's mechanism of action. First, you'll learn the basics of blood clotting and then how warfarin disturbs this process.

Warfarin and Vitamin K: Relationship and Interaction

6. Warfarin and Vitamin K: Relationship and Interaction

This lesson defines and covers the important aspects of vitamin K and warfarin and then proceeds to outline how the two interact with respect to the formation of a blood clot.

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