Ch 6: AP Biology: Enzymatic Biochemistry

About This Chapter

Watch enzymatic biochemistry video lessons and learn enzyme structure, function, substrates, and more. These lessons are just a portion of our AP Biology course.

Enzymatic Biochemistry - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Proteins are central to many biological processes because they often help cells perform certain jobs. In this chapter, our instructors will teach you about the proteins known as enzymes. You'll see how some enzymes need help performing their function and how cells keep enzymatic reactions in control. You'll look at some examples of enzymes and the work they do in our bodies, using diagrams and animations to explain the concepts. You'll learn all about the field of bioenergetics, which is the study of energy in biological systems. After completing this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Explain the function of enzymes in the body
  • Describe how substrates and active sites work together
  • Understand how a cell controls enzymatic processes
  • Explain the effect of cofactors on enzyme reactions

What is Bioenergetics?Understand this field of biochemistry that deals with energy flow through living systems.
Function of Enzymes: Substrate, Active Site, and Activation EnergyTake a look at what enzymes do and how they interact with their substrates.
Function of Enzymes: Environmental EffectsSee how pH, temperature, and substrate concentration affect the function of enzymes.
Coenzymes, Cofactors, and Prosthetic Groups: Function and InteractionsLearn about the molecules that are required for some enzymes to function.
Enzymatic Reactions: Inhibition and RegulationDiscover how enzymatic reactions are controlled within a cell.

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