Ch 9: AP Physics 2: Magnetic Fields

About This Chapter

Explore the entertaining lessons and short quizzes in this chapter to improve your understanding of magnetic fields. These study resources can greatly benefit physics students preparing for the AP Physics Exam.

AP Physics 2: Magnetic Fields - Chapter Summary

Magnetic fields have an important impact on our everyday lives. Learn about these fields, how they are created, the basics of magnetic forces and ferromagnetism with help from this chapter. When finished, you will be prepared for these types of questions on the AP Physics exam:

  • Defining a magnetic field
  • Explaining how magnetic fields are created
  • Discussing how moving charges are impacted by magnetic forces
  • Sharing the definition of ferromagnetism and list common materials that are ferromagnetic
  • Understanding electromagnetic force
  • Calculating motion in magnetic fields
  • Defining Ampere's law

Engaging lessons developed by top instructors are fun to review and easy to navigate. Quizzes accompanying the lessons can quickly and effectively test your comprehension of the concepts they cover. If you hit a snag during your review or need additional information, be sure to send your questions to our experts.

7 Lessons in Chapter 9: AP Physics 2: Magnetic Fields
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What is a Magnetic Field?

1. What is a Magnetic Field?

Magnetic fields fill the space around all magnets, but they're impossible to detect with our own senses. We'll use a common tool to map out a magnetic field and then discuss ferromagnetic materials to see how a magnetic field can be used to create new magnets.

How Magnetic Fields Are Created

2. How Magnetic Fields Are Created

Have you ever wondered how magnetic fields are created? In this lesson, we'll discuss the very simple answer to this question and look at how electric current can be used to make electromagnets, which have many everyday applications.

How Magnetic Forces Affect Moving Charges

3. How Magnetic Forces Affect Moving Charges

A magnetic field exerts a force on a moving charged particle in ways that you might not expect. In this lesson, we're going to look at the direction of this force and the factors that affect its strength.

Ferromagnetism: Definition & Examples

4. Ferromagnetism: Definition & Examples

This lesson explores ferromagnetism, the ability of a material to produce a magnetic field all by itself. We discuss which common materials are ferromagnetic, why these materials are ferromagnetic while others aren't, how processes inside the material actually create the magnetic field, and more.

Calculating Motion in Magnetic Fields: Formula & Practice

5. Calculating Motion in Magnetic Fields: Formula & Practice

Magnetic fields exert a force on moving charged particles. In this lesson, we will focus on the formula for the magnetic centripetal force acting on an electron. We will also work through some example problems.

Ampere's Law: Definition & Examples

6. Ampere's Law: Definition & Examples

After watching this video, you will be able to explain what Ampere's Law is, and use Ampere's Law for a long, straight, current-carrying wire to solve problems. A short quiz will follow.

Electromagnetic Force: Definition & Characteristics

7. Electromagnetic Force: Definition & Characteristics

Electromagnetic forces are important in so many ways! In this lesson, you will learn about different types of electromagnetic forces and how to calculate them.

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