Ch 2: Applied Big Data

About This Chapter

In this set of skill-building lessons, learn about big data and its applications throughout multiple industries. Let our instructors show you the function of big data, including how you can use big data for business analytics and beyond.

Applied Big Data: Chapter Summary

At your place of employment, you may have large amounts of data filling up hundreds of thousands of spreadsheets, but transforming that data into useful information is the key to better business. This chapter looks over the concept of lots of data, also known as big data. Within each lesson, you will find elaborate explanations about the applications for big data across a number of industries. The information in this chapter will also teach you about applying big data practices to improve your marketing plans, human resources, and more.

Our lessons about applied big data are easy to understand, because we use a clear and concise format. Headers indicate major concepts within the lessons, and words set off in bold or italics point out key words and definitions. We also use visual aids to help explain topics. Furthermore, our instructors are always available to answer your questions.

After you complete this chapter, you will be able to do the following:

  • Describe big data and its applications
  • Identify marketing analytics in relation to big data
  • Analyze future trends in healthcare with big data
  • Check out big data's applications in finance, manufacturing, and retail
  • Define the impact big data can have on education
  • Examine how human resources departments could use big data

8 Lessons in Chapter 2: Applied Big Data
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Applications of Big Data

1. Applications of Big Data

Big data is now a big word that more and more people seem to be aware of. But what are its applications? In this lesson, we see how big data can be used in healthcare, education, and business.

Big Data in Marketing: Analytics & Examples

2. Big Data in Marketing: Analytics & Examples

If any part of a company wants to get its hands on big data, chances are it is the marketing department. In this lesson we see just how companies put big data to use.

Big Data in Healthcare: Definition & Future Trends

3. Big Data in Healthcare: Definition & Future Trends

Think about all the intricacies of the human body. Now imagine all of that data being analyzed to help keep you as healthy as possible. Welcome to the world of big data in healthcare.

Big Data Applications in Finance

4. Big Data Applications in Finance

Few other industries have capitalized on the opportunities offered by big data like finance has. In this lesson, we'll see a few of the ways that financial companies are making the most of big data, such as automated trading, while also touching on some of the drawbacks.

Big Data Applications in Manufacturing

5. Big Data Applications in Manufacturing

While the applications of big data may be more apparent in other sectors, the truth is that big data can actually offer other industries a great deal of insight. One of these is the manufacturing industry. We'll look at how big data can benefit manufacturing divisions in this lesson.

Big Data Applications in Retail

6. Big Data Applications in Retail

For companies looking to maximize their sales, big data can offer the opportunity to gain valuable insights into not only consumer buying habits, but also make sure that the product supply chain is functioning at its highest levels.

Big Data Applications in Education

7. Big Data Applications in Education

Education offers a number of applications for the use of big data. While many of these remain rather cutting edge, a number of them have found their way into the classroom and onto your phone.

Big Data Applications in HR

8. Big Data Applications in HR

While it may seem that big data lends itself more to healthcare or manufacturing, the truth is that some of its most revolutionary applications can be found in human resource departments.

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