Ch 12: Arboreal Animals

About This Chapter

Work through this chapter at your own pace to study a variety of arboreal animals. You can access these engaging lessons and quizzes whenever you need to boost your arboreal animal knowledge for exams, class projects or homework assignments.

Arboreal Animals - Chapter Summary

Study this chapter to learn about different types of arboreal animals (animals that live in trees). As you progress through this chapter, you'll find short and simple lessons that explore arboreal habitats and locomotion. Following each lesson is a short quiz to help you reinforce your understanding of important arboreal animal topics. Your course Dashboard will keep track of your progress throughout the chapter. You can access this chapter online at any time, and our instructors are available to answer any questions you may have. When you're finished with the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of arboreal habitats
  • Describe the arboreal snake species
  • Define the concept of arboreal locomotion

7 Lessons in Chapter 12: Arboreal Animals
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Arboreal Habitats: Characteristics, Types & Examples

1. Arboreal Habitats: Characteristics, Types & Examples

There are countless habitats on earth, from freshwater lakes to underground burrows. This lesson will focus on life in the trees, discussing what these habitats look like as well as organisms that live in them.

What is an Arboreal Snake? - Definition & Species

2. What is an Arboreal Snake? - Definition & Species

In this lesson, we'll be traveling to treetops around the world to learn about arboreal snakes. We'll learn what makes this type of snake unique and examine different its different types.

Arboreal Locomotion: Definition & Examples

3. Arboreal Locomotion: Definition & Examples

Did you know that there's a name for the way animals move through trees? It's called arboreal locomotion, and in this lesson, we'll take a look at examples of how different animals use this type of movement.

Cottonmouth Snakes: Diet, Location & Description

4. Cottonmouth Snakes: Diet, Location & Description

Did you know cottonmouths are also called water moccasins? In this lesson you'll learn more about this snake, including their diet, where they live, and what they look like.

Boa Constrictors: Habitat & Life Cycle

5. Boa Constrictors: Habitat & Life Cycle

The boa constrictor is commonly known because it's a popular pet. They're often depicted as the evil, angry predator in movies (alongside the anaconda who is also a type of boa). In this lesson you will learn about their habitat and lifecycle.

Boa Constrictor vs. Python

6. Boa Constrictor vs. Python

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between boa constrictors and pythons? In this lesson, we'll explore the differences and similarities between these two types of snakes.

White-Nose Syndrome in Bats: Definition, Facts, Symptoms & Cure

7. White-Nose Syndrome in Bats: Definition, Facts, Symptoms & Cure

In the past decade, more than six million bats have died from white-nose syndrome. In this lesson, you'll learn about the syndrome, including symptoms and a newly discovered cure.

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