Ch 8: Architecture of Ancient Empires

About This Chapter

You can use these lessons to learn about the architecture of ancient empires. Each lesson covers the art and architecture of different empire, ranging from the Persian Empire to the Mauryan Empire.

Architecture of Ancient Empires - Chapter Summary

If you are studying architectural history or if you are interested in studying architectural history, you should make sure that you specifically learn about different architectural styles of great empires in the ancient world. This chapter contains several lessons that help you study architecture of several ancient empires and their historical significance.

Our lesson instructors all have extensive experience in this area, so you can be certain that everything you learn is accurate and easy to comprehend. Each lesson contains a practice quiz that you can take when you finish different lessons so that you can assess your understanding of the lesson's main points. The chapter as a whole concludes with a final exam, which can help you ensure that you understand the basics of the overall subject. Your personal Dashboard also allows you to track your learning progress as you complete different lessons. Read over these chapters so that you may:

  • Understand the art and architecture of the Persian Empire
  • Recognize Mughal Empire architecture
  • Analyze the architecture of the Incan Empire
  • Recall the characteristics of Ottoman Empire architecture
  • Understand the architecture of the Gupta Empire
  • Explain Mauryan Empire architecture

12 Lessons in Chapter 8: Architecture of Ancient Empires
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The Persian Empire: Art & Architecture

1. The Persian Empire: Art & Architecture

The Persian Empire produced elaborate palaces decorated with intricate sculptures and made beautiful objects of bronze and silver. In this lesson, explore the art and architecture of the Persian Empire.

Mughal Empire: Art &  Architecture

2. Mughal Empire: Art & Architecture

The Indian subcontinent has been home to many dynasties, but few left as lasting impact as the Mughals. In this lesson, we'll explore Mughal art and architecture and see what defined their style.

Incan Empire Architecture

3. Incan Empire Architecture

The Incan Empire was one of the largest in the world in its heyday. In this lesson, we'll explore the architecture of this empire and see how the Inca managed to create their cities in the mountains.

Ottoman Empire: Art & Architecture

4. Ottoman Empire: Art & Architecture

Have you ever seen a colorful woven Turkish rug or a ceramic tile with beautiful designs of cursive writing? They might have been from the Ottoman Empire. In this lesson, explore the art and architecture of the Ottoman Empire.

Gupta Empire Architecture

5. Gupta Empire Architecture

The Gupta Empire was one of the most influential periods in Indian history. In this lesson, we'll explore the architecture of this era and see exactly what defines structures of this period.

Mauryan Empire Architecture

6. Mauryan Empire Architecture

Some of the first great examples of architecture in India come from the Mauryan Empire. In this lesson, we'll explore these structures and see how they reflected other changes that the Mauryan emperors sponsored in the subcontinent.

The Architecture & Art of the Songhai Empire

7. The Architecture & Art of the Songhai Empire

What culture ruled vast parts of West Africa in the 15th century? What kinds of structures did its people build? In this lesson, explore the architecture and art of the Songhai Empire.

Mauryan Empire Art & Culture

8. Mauryan Empire Art & Culture

Have you ever tried to carve stone? Artists in one ancient Indian civilization were undoubtedly experts at it. In this lesson, we explore the culture and art of the Mauryan Empire.

Mali Empire Architecture & Art

9. Mali Empire Architecture & Art

In this lesson, we'll explore an important empire of Medieval Africa: The Mali. Learn how its architecture adapted to the environment and available resources. Also, discover some of the interesting artwork they produced.

Theatre of Dionysus: Architecture & Reconstruction

10. Theatre of Dionysus: Architecture & Reconstruction

The Theatre of Dionysus in Athens, Greece is said to be the birthplace of Greek drama. Dedicated to Dionysus, the god of winemaking, and originally used for religious ceremonies, the theatre later became known for its performances of many of the famous Greek plays. This lesson will look at the origins and history of the theatre and the efforts to reconstruct it.

Merovingian Symbols, Art & Architecture

11. Merovingian Symbols, Art & Architecture

Long flowing hair, abstract art and golden bees. What do these things have in common? In this lesson, explore early European leaders called the Merovingians. Learn about their symbols, art and architecture.

Aedicula: Definition, Art & Architecture

12. Aedicula: Definition, Art & Architecture

The aedicula was a common part of ancient architecture. In this lesson, we'll explore this feature and see some of the ways it has been used throughout history and into modern times.

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