Ch 22: Architecure & Design of Famous Castles

About This Chapter

Review the short lessons and take the mini quizzes in this entertaining chapter to boost your knowledge of the architecture and design of famous castles. These online study resources are available around-the-clock to help you study for a test, work on an assignment or improve your grades.

Architecture & Design of Famous Castles - Chapter Summary

Studying the architecture and design of famous castles is a simple process with help from the bite-sized lessons in this self-paced chapter. Our expert instructors closely examine historical facts about castles like Goodrich, Hadleigh and Conwy. As you study the lessons, check your comprehension of the castles they examine using our multiple-choice quizzes. If you hit a snag or need additional details about specific lesson topics, feel free to submit your questions to our experts. Completing this chapter will enable you to do the following:

  • Detail the history and location of Beaumaris Castle
  • Describe the interior of Caernarfon Castle and discuss its history
  • Explain Conwy Castle's history and detail the battle that occurred there
  • Discuss Dunstaffnage Castle's chapel and history
  • Outline the history of Goodrich Castle and provide important facts
  • Share the history and discuss the painting of Hadleigh Castle
  • Provide details about Himeji Castle's history, architecture and restoration

8 Lessons in Chapter 22: Architecure & Design of Famous Castles
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Beaumaris Castle: History, Facts & Location

1. Beaumaris Castle: History, Facts & Location

Would you like to visit a truly remarkable castle? A trip to North Wales to see Beaumaris Castle will leave you impressed with its architectural symmetry and imposing defensive structures. In this lesson, we will visit Beaumaris and see why it is such an important piece of Welsh history.

Caernarfon Castle: History, Interior & Facts

2. Caernarfon Castle: History, Interior & Facts

Castles have their obvious military uses, but they can be important symbols as well. In this lesson, we'll explore Caernarfon Castle and see what it meant to the people who built it.

Conwy Castle: History, Battle & Facts

3. Conwy Castle: History, Battle & Facts

There are many castles in Britain, and each has its own story. In this lesson, we'll check out Conwy Castle and see what role it played in the history of England and Wales.

Dunstaffnage Castle: History & Chapel

4. Dunstaffnage Castle: History & Chapel

What comes to mind when you think of castles? Knights in shining armor? Dunstaffnage Castle in northern Scotland saw more turmoil than knights during its history. This lesson looks at the significance of Dunstaffnage Castle and its chapel.

Goodrich Castle: History & Facts

5. Goodrich Castle: History & Facts

In this lesson, we will explore Goodrich Castle, a military fortress and muse for nobles. We will recreate a vision of the architectural details and floor plan of the castle before it fell to ruins.

Hadleigh Castle: History & Painting

6. Hadleigh Castle: History & Painting

England is full of many historical castles. Some are still lived in. Some have become museums. Still others have become ruins, such as Hadleigh Castle in southeastern England.

Himeji Castle: Architecture & Restoration

7. Himeji Castle: Architecture & Restoration

For castle-lovers, Japan can be a great place to visit. On the top of the must-see list is Himeji Castle. In this lesson, we'll check out its structure and see how it was designed.

Himeji Castle: History & Facts

8. Himeji Castle: History & Facts

Himeji Castle is one of the most revered in Japan, but why? In this lesson, we'll look at the history of Himeji Castle and see what it stories it has to tell.

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