Ch 35: Arithmetic & Estimation Using Decimals

About This Chapter

Use this chapter to refresh your memory of basic arithmetic and to recall the process of estimating decimal numbers. Throughout this chapter, you'll find several video lessons on these subjects, each of which are less than ten minutes in length.

Arithmetic and Estimation Using Decimals - Chapter Summary

Re-discover the rules for performing operations with numbers that contain decimals and review the steps for estimating decimal numbers when you watch all of this chapter's text and video lessons. The chapter will go over the techniques for writing fractions as well as converting between fractions and decimals. After studying the lessons, you could have the ability to:

  • Subtract or add decimal numbers
  • Multiply and divide decimals using step-by-step methods
  • Correctly solve mathematical equations that contain decimals
  • Choose and switch among fractions and decimals
  • Estimate the answers to problems that involve decimals

Watch and review these instructor-delivered video and text lessons in order to master the above topics. Take the time to study online whenever it's convenient. You can look over the written transcripts and research the key terms. Pause or rewind the videos whenever you want to take notes or clarify information. Multiple-choice quizzes will assess your retention of arithmetic and estimation. Receive personalized help by submitting your questions via the feature on the Dashboard.

6 Lessons in Chapter 35: Arithmetic & Estimation Using Decimals
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Adding and Subtracting Decimals: Examples & Word Problems

1. Adding and Subtracting Decimals: Examples & Word Problems

In math, we sometimes have to deal with decimal numbers instead of our nice whole numbers. Watch this video lesson to learn the one thing that you have to take into consideration when adding and subtracting decimals.

Multiplying Decimals: Rules, Steps & Examples

2. Multiplying Decimals: Rules, Steps & Examples

Do you know how to multiply numbers with more than one digit but when it's a decimal you forget what to do with the decimal point? This lesson teaches you the steps for multiplying decimals. Then see those steps in action through the use of examples.

Dividing Decimals: Steps, Rules & Examples

3. Dividing Decimals: Steps, Rules & Examples

In this lesson, you'll review some division terminology. Then, you'll learn the steps for decimal division and see them carried out in a few examples. Afterward, you can test your knowledge with a brief quiz.

Solving Problems Using Decimal Numbers

4. Solving Problems Using Decimal Numbers

Problems involving decimal numbers might sound like a way to torture you, but learning how important these types of problems are in the real world is important. In this lesson, you will see a couple areas in life where you routinely encounter decimal number problems.

Relating Fractions and Decimals

5. Relating Fractions and Decimals

Watch this video lesson to learn how to use both fractions and decimals to help you solve problems. Learn how to change between the two to use the best one for your problem.

How to Estimate with Decimals to Solve Math Problems

6. How to Estimate with Decimals to Solve Math Problems

Watch this video lesson to learn how you can estimate problems with decimals in them so you can get a quick answer when you need it - for example, when you are at the gas station and you need to know how much gas you can afford.

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