Ch 5: ASSET Geometry Test: Quadrilaterals

About This Chapter

Study this chapter to refresh your knowledge of quadrilateral shapes and their characteristics. Reviewing these lessons will prepare you for the ASSET Geometry test.

ASSET Geometry Test: Quadrilaterals - Chapter Summary

This chapter aims to help you review quadrilateral shapes to help you get ready for the ASSET Geometry test. The following types of quadrilaterals will be illustrated and explained in these lessons:

  • Parallelograms
  • Rhombuses
  • Kites
  • Rectangles
  • Squares
  • Trapezoids

These brief video lessons are each accompanied by full transcripts, and they were written by expert mathematicians. After you study the lessons, be sure to take the related lesson quizzes to put your knowledge to the test and ascertain what you need to study harder.

ASSET Geometry Test: Quadrilaterals Objectives

One of the ASSET Advanced Mathematics exams, the ASSET Geometry test is used to help place you in the proper mathematics programs during your postsecondary education. Consisting of 25 multiple-choice questions, the test features four questions that may relate to quadrilaterals. Refreshing your knowledge of this type of shape will give you a better chance of successfully answering the four questions on the test that do not relate to circles, triangles, and lines.

This chapter both provides you with valuable information about six different quadrilaterals, and gives you a chance to practice answering questions in the same multiple-choice format as you'll find on the ASSET Geometry test.

6 Lessons in Chapter 5: ASSET Geometry Test: Quadrilaterals
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Parallelograms: Definition, Properties, and Proof Theorems

1. Parallelograms: Definition, Properties, and Proof Theorems

Watch this video lesson to learn how you can identify parallelograms. You will see the unique properties that belong to the parallelogram. You will see the special side and angle characteristics needed to prove a certain shape is a parallelogram.

What Is a Rhombus? - Definition and Properties

2. What Is a Rhombus? - Definition and Properties

Watch this video lesson to learn why rhombuses are a special type of quadrilateral. Also, learn why a rhombus is also a parallelogram. Watch as we explore the sides and angles of a rhombus.

Kites in Geometry: Definition and Properties

3. Kites in Geometry: Definition and Properties

A kite in geometry looks a lot like a kite in the sky! Watch this video lesson to see for yourself. Also, learn about the side and angle properties of kites that make them unique.

Rectangles: Definition, Properties & Construction

4. Rectangles: Definition, Properties & Construction

Watch this video lesson to learn a bit about rectangles. Learn why rectangles are the building blocks of many homes. Also, learn about the properties that make a rectangle unique from other shapes. Finally, learn how you can draw one.

Squares: Definition and Properties

5. Squares: Definition and Properties

Squares can be found in many places in the real world. Watch this video lesson to see how useful they can be and also to learn how to find the perimeter and area of a square.

Trapezoids: Definition and Properties

6. Trapezoids: Definition and Properties

Watch this video lesson to learn what a trapezoid has to do with a triangle. Also, learn the special words that describe the various parts of a trapezoid. You will also see special types of trapezoids.

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