Ch 7: ASSET Intermediate Algebra: Linear Inequalities

About This Chapter

This chapter will teach you about linear inequalities. Use its informative video lessons to review what you've learned from your classroom assignments. Then, you could be able to answer related questions on the ASSET Intermediate Algebra test.

ASSET Intermediate Algebra: Linear Inequalities - Chapter Summary

You'll want to be well-prepared for questions on the ASSET Intermediate Algebra test. The videos in this chapter will attempt to familiarize you with the fundamentals of linear inequalities. The lessons include several examples that will encourage you to build your problem-solving abilities. Simply pause the lessons as you work through the equations. Learn how to use a number line and inverse operations, and discover the process necessary to split up an equation so that you can solve the two individual parts more easily. As a result of studying this chapter, you might be able to proficiently:

  • Define an inequality, a compound inequality and a system of inequalities
  • Use point-slope form
  • Graph an inequality that has one or two variables
  • Draw a number line

Education professionals have developed this chapter in order to expand your understanding of mathematics. Often less than ten minutes long, the online video lessons are delivered by seasoned instructors. You may also learn from detailed transcripts that align exactly with the narration of the videos, and check out links to relevant courses. The self-assessment quizzes have five questions each, and their results can be printed onto paper. Keep them handy and study as time permits.

ASSET Intermediate Algebra: Linear Inequalities Chapter Objectives

The seven ASSET tests are grouped into basic and advanced categories. One of the advanced assessments, the ASSET Intermediate Algebra Test includes 25 multiple-choice questions and has a time limit of 25 minutes. Its main areas are, Elementary Algebra which has five items, the 16-question Intermediate Algebra and Coordinate Geometry section, and College Algebra, which contains four items. During this test, you'll demonstrate what you've learned in this chapter about linear inequalities, the distance formula, the slope of a line and other concepts within the intermediate algebra category.

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