Ch 6: ASSET Intermediate Algebra: Slope & Distance Formulas

About This Chapter

Learn from this chapter on slope and distance formulas so that you'll be ready for the ASSET Intermediate Algebra Test. The chapter consists of informative, fun video lessons as well as self-assessment quizzes that'll determine how much you remember.

ASSET Intermediate Algebra: Slope and Distance Formulas - Chapter Summary

Study this chapter before the ASSET Intermediate Algebra Test date rolls around. Its online video lessons cover the midpoint formula and slope-intercept form, which you'll be tested on through chapter quizzes and during the ASSET assessment. Discover how to find the midpoint of a line segment, learn about various kinds of slopes, and explore the correlation between the distance formula and the Pythagorean theorem. The goal of this chapter is to ensure that you know how to:

  • Use the slope formula
  • Define the distance formula and solve practice problems
  • Apply the midpoint formula

The video lessons in this chapter can supplement the information you've already been introduced to in the classroom. You can watch the educational videos whenever you have time, whether it's via your mobile device or on a desktop computer. Expert teachers narrate the videos and explain the above concepts in depth. Fun animation and real-life examples contribute to your learning experience. Control the videos by starting or pausing with one click. Under the timeline link are the lessons' important topics, section by section. Short quizzes, text transcripts, links to related facts and worksheets complete the chapter.

ASSET Intermediate Algebra: Slope and Distance Formulas Chapter Objectives

The ASSET Intermediate Algebra Test is one of four advanced mathematics assessments that were put together by ACT, Inc. for the purpose of measuring the academic progress of high school students. During the paper-based test, your comprehension of the distance formula will be gauged along with your knowledge of linear inequalities, polynomial equations and radical expressions. Your ability to calculate the slope of a line will also be evaluated. The three sections of the test are as follows: Elementary Algebra, which has five questions, Intermediate Algebra and Coordinate Geometry which is comprised of 16 questions, and College Algebra, which contains four items. These 25 multiple-choice questions must be answered correctly within 25 minutes.

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