Ch 33: ASVAB: Numbers

About This Chapter

Study this chapter to see how familiar you are with some different kinds of numbers. Our professional instructors use video lessons along with text to present this ASVAB prep material to you.

ASVAB: Numbers - Chapter Summary

These lessons offer clear-cut definitions and examples to get you well-acquainted with the numbers discussed. Lessons focus on the following material to prepare you for the ASVAB:

  • Whole numbers
  • Decimal place value
  • Decimals: ordering and making comparisons
  • Percentages and how they are used
  • Proper, improper, like and unlike fractions

Once you've spent just a few minutes with each engaging video lesson, you'll have a better grasp of the material. Try a practice quiz after each lesson for an accurate assessment of your comprehension.

Objectives of the ASVAB: Numbers Chapter

The ASVAB looks at an examinee's fit for the military going by knowledge and skills indicated across the exam's multiple-choice items. This chapter acquaints you with material that's helpful for the Mathematics Knowledge subtest. This subtest includes a total of 16 questions on the computerized ASVAB and 25 questions on its paper-based version.

6 Lessons in Chapter 33: ASVAB: Numbers
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What are Whole Numbers? - Definition & Examples

1. What are Whole Numbers? - Definition & Examples

In this lesson, we will learn about whole numbers , including what they are and what distinguishes them from other types of numbers. We'll also take a look at a few things about whole numbers that sometimes trip students up.

What is a Decimal Place Value?

2. What is a Decimal Place Value?

In this video lesson, you will see how a decimal, a simple dot, can change the place value of all the digits in a number. You will also learn how to read decimals using place values.

Comparing and Ordering Decimals

3. Comparing and Ordering Decimals

In this video lesson, you'll find out how you can look at any two decimals and immediately tell which is greater than the other. You'll also learn how to quickly sort decimals from least to greatest or vice versa.

What is a Fraction? - Definition and Types

4. What is a Fraction? - Definition and Types

Fractions may be your friend's worst nightmare, but they don't have to be yours. Watch this video lesson to learn about fractions and how you can understand them easily. Also, learn to identify the different types of fractions.

Comparing and Ordering Fractions

5. Comparing and Ordering Fractions

Comparing and ordering fractions is way to examine fractions that contain different-sized sets. In order to compare these fractions, you must find a common denominator and make equivalent fractions.

Percents: Definition, Application & Examples

6. Percents: Definition, Application & Examples

Maybe you know that 95% is an A and 75% is a C. But what do those percents really mean? In this lesson, we'll learn about percents, including how to convert them to fractions and decimals.

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