Ch 16: ASVAB: Respiration & Photosynthesis

About This Chapter

Cellular processes in plants is the principal subject of this chapter on respiration and photosynthesis. Watch the videos and take the assessments to prepare for the ASVAB General Science test.

ASVAB: Respiration & Photosynthesis - Chapter Summary

Check out these videos on energy creation and transfer as well as chemical and light reactions within plant cells to help you get ready for the ASVAB General Science test. The videos are taught by experienced science educators and contain engaging graphics and examples to hold your attention and maximize retention of key concepts. As you work through these lessons, you will enhance your knowledge of:

  • Cellular respiration
  • Chloroplast structure
  • Photolysis and light reactions
  • Photosynthesis: dark reactions

After you watch each video, be sure to check out the lesson transcript for a quick review of key terms and concepts which will be set in bold type for quick identification. Use the lesson quizzes and chapter test to gauge your readiness to answer similar kinds of questions during the actual test.

ASVAB: Respiration & Photosynthesis Chapter Objectives

The General Science test is one of several subtests you'll take during the ASVAB. The content of these lessons will prepare you for any questions which may be asked about what's going on in the cells of plants. You will only face 16 or 25 questions over 8 or 11 minutes in the General Science test (depending on whether you are administered a paper test or computer test).

The test covers material from every kind of life and physical science class you might have taken (or not) in high school, excluding most physics topics which are covered in other tests. This means that you will not likely face more than a couple of questions regarding plant cells, but also that we cannot guess at exactly what those questions might cover because there are several test versions and possible questions. But as you work through these lessons, you can become prepared to answer anything that comes up about cells in plants.

Talk to your local recruiters to schedule an appointment to take the ASVAB and find out whether you will take the paper or computer test. It may help to complete the course exam and chapter quiz before reviewing every video to get an idea of which areas you may need the most help in, focusing your time on those areas first. Work through this chapter and the other chapters in this study guide to make sure you have the most possible occupational options should you choose to join the military.

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