Ch 12: ASVAB: The Human Excretory System

About This Chapter

Study this chapter to be prepared for anything you see on the ASVAB dealing with the human excretory system. The chapter includes text and video resources to familiarize you with the subject matter.

ASVAB: The Human Excretory System - Chapter Summary

Develop a solid understanding of the roles that the kidneys and liver play in getting rid of toxic substances in this chapter. Lessons also individually break down the following topics for your ASVAB prep:

  • Layers and inner parts of the kidney
  • Gross anatomy of the urinary system
  • Renal tubule parts and functions

Familiarize yourself with this material at a time that's convenient for you, using either a computer or any one of a number of handheld devices. Confirm your grasp of this chapter by taking the self-assessment quizzes that go with each lesson.

Objectives of the ASVAB: The Human Excretory System Chapter

How well you do across the several subtests on the ASVAB establishes your suitability for the military. Having a handle on the content in this chapter will help prepare you for potential items from the General Science subtest. This subtest's items overall are approximately 11% of the ASVAB's content.

4 Lessons in Chapter 12: ASVAB: The Human Excretory System
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Excretory System

1. Excretory System

Each year in the U.S., close to 400,000 people with kidney failure undergo dialysis treatment in order to remove waste, remove excess fluid and restore electrolyte balance. Kidneys, the workhorses of the excretory system, perform these same functions more effectively than any machine. In this lesson, we'll talk about how the excretory system removes toxic substances from the body.

Gross Anatomy of the Urinary System

2. Gross Anatomy of the Urinary System

Our body must detoxify and cleanse itself to thrive. That is why we depend so heavily on our liver and urinary system. In this lesson, we'll explore how toxins are filtered by our organs and how urine is formed and expelled with the nephron, bladder, ureters, and urethra.

The Kidney: Major Divisions & Structures

3. The Kidney: Major Divisions & Structures

Learn about the major layers of the kidneys, like the renal cortex and renal medulla. Find out about the inner parts of the kidneys, including the renal papilla, renal pelvis, renal pyramid, and renal hilum.

The Renal Tubule: Definition, Function & Terms

4. The Renal Tubule: Definition, Function & Terms

Renal tubules are essential structures in the kidneys. This lesson explores the function of the renal tubule and its parts, including the proximal and distal convoluted tubules, the loop of Henle, and the collecting duct. Learn how these components work together to absorb materials and form urine.

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