Ch 40: Australian History

About This Chapter

Watch videos on Australia's history to learn about early cultures and the effects of colonization. Study Australia's geography and take quick quizzes to make sure you're up to speed on its history.

Australian History - Chapter Summary

Our professional instructors introduce you to Australia's history and geography. You'll study Australia's physical features, political boundaries, location and cultural characteristics. Videos and texts introduce you to the issues associated with European exploration and colonization. This chapter helps you understand life in Australia before Europeans discovered it, so you can expect to look at aboriginal cultures and development. After reviewing the materials you should be able to:

  • Describe Australia's climate, population distribution and natural resources
  • Explain Australia's culture before colonization
  • Understand the origins of Australia's aboriginal people
  • Describe the use of prisoners as colonists
  • Detail how Australians were impacted by the weapons and diseases the explorers brought with them

The videos and texts in this course employ entertaining graphics and images to make learning about Australia's history fun and easy. You'll watch lessons taught by subject experts and have the option to ask questions if you run into anything confusing or unclear. When you want to review a main point without re-watching an entire video, use the tags included in each lesson. Lesson transcripts are available and are useful tools for looking up key terms or concepts. Self-assessment quizzes follow each lesson, so you can check your knowledge of the material before continuing on to the next lesson or to the final chapter exam.

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