Ch 20: Basic Genetics

About This Chapter

Recall important information about basic genetics by reviewing the materials found in this chapter. Look at the lessons to go over how genetics work, and read through the transcripts and article-style lessons for a review of vocabulary terms.

Basic Genetics - Chapter Summary

If you need a quick refresher on the details about basic genetics, this chapter is the resource you need. Not only do the lessons provide an overview of key details, such as DNA and RNA, but the they also help you get reacquainted with related biological concepts associated with genetics. As you go through these lessons, you will have the chance to review the following:

  • Chromosome structures
  • Distinguishing alleles from genes
  • Definitions of dominant and recessive traits
  • Examples of genotypes and phenotypes
  • An overview tutorial of human genetics pedigree analysis
  • Applications of Punnett squares

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10 Lessons in Chapter 20: Basic Genetics
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What is DNA?

1. What is DNA?

In this lesson, we will learn what DNA is, what its characteristics and functions are, even where it is located and what information it contains. We'll also learn how the double helix is created. Find out more.

What is RNA? - Overview

2. What is RNA? - Overview

This lesson explains the basic structure of RNA (ribonucleic acid). It also discusses the various components that come together in the formation of RNA and provides information about two of the most known forms of RNA. A short quiz will follow.

How is DNA Organized into Chromosomes? - Structure & Function

3. How is DNA Organized into Chromosomes? - Structure & Function

Explore the structure of chromosomes and see how DNA fits inside the nucleus of the cell. In this lesson, you'll learn about histones, chromatin and nucleosomes.

Difference Between Genes & Alleles

4. Difference Between Genes & Alleles

Genes are passed from parent to child. Each parent provides one variation of the gene, called an allele, to the child. This lesson will discuss how genetic information is inherited and how it is expressed.

Dominant Trait: Definition & Example

5. Dominant Trait: Definition & Example

Can you roll the edges of your tongue towards the center? Do you have detached earlobes that hang free? Are your eyes brown? If you answered yes to any one of these, then you have a dominant trait. Learn what dominant traits are in this lesson.

Recessive Trait: Definition & Example

6. Recessive Trait: Definition & Example

Can you bend your thumb backwards like a hitch-hiker? Do you have small, attached earlobes? Are your eyes blue? If you answered yes to any one of these, then you have a recessive trait. Learn what recessive traits are in this lesson.

What are Genotypes? - Definition & Examples

7. What are Genotypes? - Definition & Examples

In this lesson, you will learn about what genotypes are, where they come from and how they play a major role in determining how your body works and what you look like.

What Is a Phenotype? - Definition & Example

8. What Is a Phenotype? - Definition & Example

Do you have blue eyes or brown eyes, or something else, like hazel? That's your phenotype for eye color. Discover examples of phenotypes, and how they are (partly) determined by your genes.

Pedigree Analysis in Human Genetics: Tutorial

9. Pedigree Analysis in Human Genetics: Tutorial

One of the oldest genetic techniques is pedigree analysis, and yet it is still used every day all around the world by doctors, geneticists, and genetic counselors. Building and reading a pedigree is actually fairly easy if you know what the symbols mean. In fact, it's so easy that you can learn how to do it in less than ten minutes if you watch this video!

Punnett Square: Definition & Example

10. Punnett Square: Definition & Example

This lesson will define what a Punnett square is and show several examples of how one can be used. It will also briefly describe patterns of inheritance.

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