Ch 2: Basics of Interpersonal Relationships

About This Chapter

You can study the basics of interpersonal relationships when you access this helpful chapter. The lessons provide the perfect way to refresh your memory prior to taking an important exam or completing a classroom assignment.

Basics of Interpersonal Relationships - Chapter Summary

Work at your own pace as you review the basics of interpersonal relationships by studying the lessons in this chapter. The video lessons cover interpersonal relationships, the development of love relationships and the factors that affect how couples make life decisions. Once you finish this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Explain theories about interpersonal relationships
  • Outline the function of interpersonal relationships and their different types
  • Discuss the characteristics of love relationships
  • Detail factors that influence interpersonal communication
  • Identify the impact that social and cognitive development plays on interpersonal relationships
  • Define threats to interpersonal relationships
  • Understand that factors that impact how couples make life decisions

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7 Lessons in Chapter 2: Basics of Interpersonal Relationships
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Interpersonal Relationships: Definition & Theories

1. Interpersonal Relationships: Definition & Theories

To be human is to be involved in interpersonal relationships. In this lesson, we will define interpersonal relationships and discuss the various theories that explain how we create and maintain them.

Interpersonal Relationships: Types & Functions

2. Interpersonal Relationships: Types & Functions

In this lesson, we'll look at the interpersonal relationships we experience in life. In particular, we'll explore the four most common types, what these relationships do for us, and how some relationships come to an end.

Love Relationships: Their Characteristics & How They Develop

3. Love Relationships: Their Characteristics & How They Develop

Here we look at the development of love. What does it mean to be in a loving relationship? What are the steps that occur in every individual in entering one?

Factors That Influence Interpersonal Communication

4. Factors That Influence Interpersonal Communication

Communication between human beings is difficult if not impossible to avoid, so understanding the factors that influence communication might prevent hurt feelings or a slap in the face. This lesson will explore some of those factors.

Social & Cognitive Development: Impact on Interpersonal Relationships

5. Social & Cognitive Development: Impact on Interpersonal Relationships

How does association with a group of people impact behavior and learning? Are friendships relevant to understanding the behavior of students in a classroom? This lesson discusses social development by exploring interpersonal relationship functions and types.

Threats to Interpersonal Relationships

6. Threats to Interpersonal Relationships

There are many circumstances that can threaten the relationships we have with others. This lesson will consider how jealousy and other factors can affect interpersonal relationships, and how they can impact the future of those relationships.

Factors Affecting How Couples Make Life Decisions

7. Factors Affecting How Couples Make Life Decisions

Couples need to answer a lot of hard questions before making major life decisions. This lesson will look into some of these factors, specifically regarding decisions like buying a home together and having kids.

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