Ch 11: Beginning the Parenting Process

About This Chapter

Review the initial parenting process by working through this helpful online chapter. You can use these short lessons to study family planning for an upcoming exam, assignment or personal purposes.

Beginning the Parenting Process - Chapter Summary

The decision to have children requires many considerations and careful planning. In this chapter, our instructors walk you through the factors that are involved in the process of family planning. These simple lessons discuss pregnancy and other family planning concepts in a way that's easy to understand and remember. By the end of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Tell how couples go about making the decision to have children
  • Explain factors related to the best interests of children
  • Define the elements of family planning
  • Recognize cultural and social factors that can impact family planning
  • Evaluate important issues surrounding the planning of a pregnancy

As you work through the chapter, be sure to take the self-assessment quizzes that accompany each lesson. This way, you can solidify your understanding of important concepts and definitions. You also can take the chapter exam and use the Ask the Expert feature if you have any questions. The chapter is available whenever you need it, and it's accessible on any device that has a connection to the Internet.

5 Lessons in Chapter 11: Beginning the Parenting Process
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Making the Decision to Have Children

1. Making the Decision to Have Children

In this lesson, I face one of my greatest fears: talking about having kids. We'll look at some points to consider, such as the costs and the way it changes a person's life. In addition, the idea of baby fever is also looked at.

Best Interest of the Child: Standard & Factors

2. Best Interest of the Child: Standard & Factors

This lesson will discuss how the courts determine what the best interest of the child is and what standards and factors they use to make these decisions. After learning about these standards and factors, you can test your knowledge with a quiz.

Family Planning: Definition, Programs & Efficacy

3. Family Planning: Definition, Programs & Efficacy

Family planning is becoming more and more of a modern priority both here in the United States and around the world. In this lesson, you'll explore the idea of family planning and test your understanding with a brief quiz.

Social & Cultural Factors That Impact Family Planning

4. Social & Cultural Factors That Impact Family Planning

Many different factors can influence how people make decisions about growing their families. This lesson discusses some of the most prominent social and cultural factors that come into play.

Key Issues When Planning A Pregnancy

5. Key Issues When Planning A Pregnancy

When planning a pregnancy, important things must be considered to ensure maximum safety of both mother and child. This includes taking an assessment of your medications, supplements, medical conditions, and habits.

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