Ch 5: Beowulf Characters & Setting

About This Chapter

The ''Beowulf'' Characters & Setting chapter of this ''Beowulf'' Study Guide course is the most efficient way to study the setting of ''Beowulf'' and its numerous characters. This chapter uses simple and fun videos that are about five minutes long, plus includes lesson quizzes and a chapter exam to ensure you understand the essential characters and setting of ''Beowulf.''

Who's It For?

Anyone who needs help learning or mastering Beowulf character and setting material will benefit from the lessons in this chapter. There is no faster or easier way to learn about important aspects of the setting and characters in Beowulf. Among those who would benefit are:

  • Students who want to learn a broad topic in a short amount of time
  • Students who are looking for easy ways to identify the most important information on the topic
  • Students who have fallen behind in memorizing the characters and setting of Beowulf
  • Students who prefer multiple ways of learning literature (visual or auditory)
  • Students who have missed class time and need to catch up
  • Students who have limited time to study for an upcoming exam

How It Works:

  • Watch each video in the chapter to review all key topics.
  • Refer to the video transcripts to reinforce your learning.
  • Test your understanding of each lesson with a short quiz.
  • Complete your review with the Beowulf Characters & Setting chapter exam.

Why It Works:

  • Study Efficiently: The lessons in this chapter cover only information you need to know.
  • Retain What You Learn: Engaging animations and real-life examples make topics easy to grasp.
  • Be Ready on Test Day: Take the Beowulf Characters & Setting chapter exam to make sure you're prepared.
  • Get Extra Support: Ask our subject-matter experts any literature question. They're here to help!
  • Study With Flexibility: Watch videos on any web-ready device.

Students Will Review:

This chapter summarizes the material students need to know about the characters and setting of Beowulf for a standard literature course. Topics covered include:

  • Overview of the story of Beowulf and why it's significant
  • The genealogy of Beowulf and prominent characters
  • Characteristics of Beowulf as both an epic and a tragic hero
  • The villainous character Grendel and his battle with Beowulf
  • A comparison of Sir Gawain and Beowulf
  • How Beowulf is challenged by Unferth
  • The presentation of the hrunting sword
  • Hrothgar's sermon in Beowulf
  • The Geats and their king in this story
  • The characters of Shield Sheafson and Scyld Scefing
  • Wulfgar and his role in Beowulf
  • Presence of monsters in this epic poem
  • A description of the setting of Beowulf
  • The mead hall Heorot

22 Lessons in Chapter 5: Beowulf Characters & Setting
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Beowulf: Story, Characters, and Old English

1. Beowulf: Story, Characters, and Old English

In this lesson, we'll take a look at the Old English epic, Beowulf. We'll explore what happens, how it's written and why it has such a lasting legacy.

Beowulf: Family Tree & Main Characters

2. Beowulf: Family Tree & Main Characters

The epic poem 'Beowulf' features a lot of characters and does a lot of name-dropping. This lesson will explain some of the main families, characters and monsters found in the poem.

Who Was Beowulf? - Character Traits & Analysis

3. Who Was Beowulf? - Character Traits & Analysis

Beowulf is a noble Anglo-Saxon hero. In this lesson, get to know Beowulf, the fearless warrior who takes on any challenge, and compare and contrast Beowulf to other literary heroes.

How Is Beowulf an Epic Hero?

4. How Is Beowulf an Epic Hero?

This lesson will go over some of the common traits of an epic hero and reveal how the character Beowulf is an epic hero. Epic heroes are usually strong individuals who are admired for their bravery and heroism.

Characteristics of Beowulf as a Tragic Hero

5. Characteristics of Beowulf as a Tragic Hero

This lesson will describe the traits that Beowulf possesses that make him a tragic hero in the epic poem that bears his name. Tragic heroes must possess greatness and a tragic flaw that leads to their demise.

Heroic Characteristics of Beowulf

6. Heroic Characteristics of Beowulf

In 'Beowulf,' the heroic characteristics possessed by Beowulf help him achieve great things. He demonstrates his courage, loyalty, wisdom, strength, and boasting in ways that set him apart from others.

Grendel's Battle with Beowulf: Character & Summary

7. Grendel's Battle with Beowulf: Character & Summary

The battle between Grendel and Beowulf is one of the most famous battles in English literature. Furthermore, Grendel is considered to be one of the most mysterious and complex villains to appear in Western culture.

Beowulf & Grendel: Compare & Contrast

8. Beowulf & Grendel: Compare & Contrast

The hideous monster Grendel lurks in dark caverns and seeks to destroy. Beowulf, warrior and hero, takes on the monster - and wins! These enemies are different in many ways, but they also share some startling similarities. Read on to find out more.

Beowulf & Sir Gawain: Compare & Contrast

9. Beowulf & Sir Gawain: Compare & Contrast

There are so many wonderful characters in literature, many of whom have similar qualities and many more that are vastly different. In this lesson, we will explore the similarities and differences between the main characters from ''Beowulf'' and ''Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.''

Unferth's Challenge in Beowulf

10. Unferth's Challenge in Beowulf

Beowulf embodies the characteristics of the perfect hero. He is brave, strong and intelligent. That kind of perfection can lead to jealousy in some. Read about Unferth's challenge to Beowulf and how not everyone loves a hero.

Hrunting Sword in Beowulf

11. Hrunting Sword in Beowulf

The epic tale 'Beowulf' has intrigued readers for centuries. Find out how what started as a rivalry became a generous gesture - the lending of the hrunting sword, a sword that had never seen defeat.

Wealhtheow: Beowulf Queen & Explanation

12. Wealhtheow: Beowulf Queen & Explanation

The gracious Wealtheow, Queen of the Danes, has a civilizing influence on the hyper-masculine warriors of 'Beowulf'. This lesson discusses her personality, actions, and role in the epic.

Hrothgar: Character & Sermon

13. Hrothgar: Character & Sermon

In the epic poem, 'Beowulf', Hrothgar is King of the Danes and lord of the great hall, Heorot. After Beowulf kills Grendel and Grendel's mother, Hrothgar gives Beowulf a pep-talk of sorts--advice that can arguably be applied to anyone today.

Hygelac (King of Geats) in Beowulf

14. Hygelac (King of Geats) in Beowulf

This lesson focuses on Hygelac, King of the Geats, in the epic poem Beowulf. The lesson will look at the character of Hygelac as well as the historical significance of his inclusion in the poem.

The Geats in Beowulf

15. The Geats in Beowulf

In the epic poem 'Beowulf,' the Geats are the tribe of the hero, Beowulf. They are considered the biggest, the bravest, and the best of men. This lesson will focus on the Geats, both in history and as characters in the poem.

Shield Sheafson in Beowulf

16. Shield Sheafson in Beowulf

This lesson offers a character analysis of Shield Sheafson, a ruler of the Danes in the epic poem, Beowulf. Shield Sheafson is beloved by his people for conquering enemies and bringing prosperity to the land. This character appears in the poem's Prologue.

Scyld Scefing in Beowulf

17. Scyld Scefing in Beowulf

The figure of Scyld Scefing in Beowulf appears as the legendary founding king of the Danes. In the context of the epic poem, he appears as the ideal of a heroic ruler. This poem analyzes the lines relating to Scyld using the Seamus Heaney translation.

Wulfgar in Beowulf

18. Wulfgar in Beowulf

Wulfgar greets the Geats as they arrive at Hrothgar's hall. This is a multistep process. Wulfgar's action and the poet's description of him tell us much about the epic's heroic values.

Monsters in Beowulf

19. Monsters in Beowulf

Beowulf, the renowned warrior of Geatland, must face three monsters, each stronger and more terrifying than the last. This lesson will focus on his battles with these fearsome creatures, from the epic poem ''Beowulf''.

Setting of Beowulf

20. Setting of Beowulf

This lesson depicts the Scandinavian wilds that are the setting for the epic poem, 'Beowulf.' This setting plays a key role in the formation of the community as well as in major plot points in the poem. After the lesson, test yourself with the quiz!

Heorot (Mead Hall) in Beowulf

21. Heorot (Mead Hall) in Beowulf

This lesson details the importance of Heorot, the mead hall in the epic poem, 'Beowulf.' We'll go over Grendel's attack on the mead hall and the cultural impact of the hall itself. Complete the lesson, then test yourself with the quiz!

Beowulf Character List & Flashcards

Beowulf Character List & Flashcards

This flashcard set covers all of major and minor characters in ''Beowulf'', as well as all of the tribes and creatures. The flashcards also include characters that are mentioned, but not present in the story.

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