Ch 8: Binomial Theorem Overview

About This Chapter

Ensure you fully understand how the binomial theorem is used in math by working through this informative chapter. Use our helpful video lessons and multiple-choice quizzes to get ready for a class project or to prepare to take an important math exam.

Binomial Theorem Overview - Chapter Summary

Our instructors show how to use the binomial theorem as a way to multiply a large number of binomials together. You'll also brush up on exactly what a binomial is, how to identify one and the operations you can do with them. These lessons also cover what makes a perfect square binomial unique and how to factor them.

Additional topics cover the many choices you have when selecting a method to multiply binomials including FOIL, the area model and the distributive property. Once you complete these lessons, you will be ready to:

  • Solve practice problems using the binomial theorem
  • Relate the binomial theorem to Pascal's triangle
  • Correctly read a binomial probability table
  • Use the binomial theorem to expand binomial expressions
  • Calculate the binomial distribution formula

Our video lessons are short, fun and outline these topics in a way that's easy to understand and follow. Test your knowledge using the multiple-choice quizzes and chapter test before moving on to other lessons. The printable lesson transcripts highlight the most important topics and terms from the lesson and make great study resources. An instructor can assist you if you have trouble working through the chapter.

9 Lessons in Chapter 8: Binomial Theorem Overview
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What is the Binomial Theorem?

1. What is the Binomial Theorem?

While the F.O.I.L. method can be used to multiply any number of binomials together, doing more than three can quickly become a huge headache. Luckily, we've got the Binomial Theorem and Pascal's Triangle for that! Learn all about it in this lesson.

Binomial Theorem Practice Problems

2. Binomial Theorem Practice Problems

The binomial theorem can be a really helpful shortcut, but it can also be really confusing. Brush up on your skills with this useful rule in these practice problems!

Binomial: Definition & Examples

3. Binomial: Definition & Examples

Binomial is a little term for a unique mathematical expression. Learn what makes binomials so special, how to easily identify them, and the mathematical operations that can be performed on them. After the lesson, test yourself with a quiz.

How to Use the Binomial Theorem to Expand a Binomial

4. How to Use the Binomial Theorem to Expand a Binomial

In this video lesson, you will see what the binomial theorem has in common with Pascal's triangle. Learn how you can use Pascal's triangle to help you to easily expand a binomial.

Finding Binomial Probabilities Using Tables

5. Finding Binomial Probabilities Using Tables

A binomial probability table can look intimidating to use. However, it can make your life a lot easier when trying to figure out binomial probabilities. This lesson will teach you how to read those tables.

Perfect Square Binomial: Definition & Explanation

6. Perfect Square Binomial: Definition & Explanation

Learn what sets perfect square binomials apart from other trinomials in the math world. You will also learn an easy method to identify them along with a simple procedure to factor them.

The Binomial Theorem: Defining Expressions

7. The Binomial Theorem: Defining Expressions

In this lesson, students will learn the binomial theorem and get practice using the theorem to expand binomial expressions. The theorem is broken down into its parts and then reconstructed.

Multiplying Binomials Using FOIL and the Area Method

8. Multiplying Binomials Using FOIL and the Area Method

From the distributive property, to FOIL, to the area model, to happy faces and claws, there are many different ways to learn how to multiply binomials. In this lesson, you'll learn how to use all of them and get to pick which one you like the most.

Binomial Distribution: Definition, Formula & Examples

9. Binomial Distribution: Definition, Formula & Examples

You have a probability distribution to create, which one do you use? That depends. In this lesson, learn about binomial distributions, get examples and criteria for their use, and learn how to calculate the binomial distribution formula.

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