Ch 6: Biological Aspects of Personality

About This Chapter

Refresh your understanding of the biological aspects of personality with help from this engaging chapter. Our lessons create a comprehensive study guide you can use as a great preparatory tool for an upcoming exam or to help you finish a tough assignment.

Biological Aspects of Personality - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you'll review the biological aspects of personality, including the definition of evolutionary personality theory and its origins. Our short lessons are written by professional instructors and designed to ensure your study experience is thorough and enjoyable. We've provided a short quiz after each lesson to help you test your understanding before moving on in the chapter. If at any time you have questions, contact one of our instructors to help you get back on track. This chapter is designed to:

  • Outline Darwin's theory of natural selection
  • Detail the influence DNA has on temperament
  • Explain how biology impacts personality
  • Discuss the twin studies on personality
  • Apply evolutionary theory to animal behavior
  • Describe the influence toxic substances and illness have on behavior
  • Identify the impact the environment and people have on personality
  • Relate personality theory to sexual identity

10 Lessons in Chapter 6: Biological Aspects of Personality
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Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection: Overview

1. Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection: Overview

In this lesson, you'll be introduced to Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection. You'll also learn a bit about how his ideas impacted science, popular understandings of human origins, and the debate his theories have sparked.

Evolutionary Personality Theory: Definition & Origins

2. Evolutionary Personality Theory: Definition & Origins

What explains human personality? In this lesson we'll discuss the evolutionary perspective of human personality, which suggests that personality is innate and biological, evolving over time in ways similar to things like opposable thumbs.

Is Personality Genetic? - DNA's Influence on Temperament

3. Is Personality Genetic? - DNA's Influence on Temperament

How do genetics impact a person's temperament and personality? This lesson will introduce the world of behavioral genetics and help you understand the role our genes play in determining who we are and how we act.

Impact of Biology on Personality

4. Impact of Biology on Personality

Biology can impact our personality. This lesson goes over numerous examples of how this is possible (outside of the influence of genetics) by covering pain, hunger, and diseases.

Twin Studies on Personality

5. Twin Studies on Personality

Do your genes shape your personality? What about the environment? One type of research on the subject that many psychologists have employed is twin studies on personality. You can learn more about this kind of study in this lesson.

Applying Evolutionary Theory to Animal Behavior

6. Applying Evolutionary Theory to Animal Behavior

Many of us understand how to apply evolutionary theory to explain different physical traits in species. However, this theory can also be applied to explain animal behavior. Today, we'll look at several examples of animal behavior that have been shaped by evolution.

Illness & Toxic Substances Impact on Behavior

7. Illness & Toxic Substances Impact on Behavior

This lesson explores several different kinds of illnesses and toxic substances that can alter a person's behavior, as well as the potential behavioral changes associated with each of the examples.

Environmental Influences on Personality

8. Environmental Influences on Personality

This lesson showcases numerous examples of how our environment - and what's found in it - can influence our personality. Everything from sunlight to air pollution and altitude can do this!

Sexual Identity & Personality Theory

9. Sexual Identity & Personality Theory

In this lesson, we'll discuss several prominent personality theories that explain sexual identity and sexuality. We'll cover two broad categories of theories: biological theories and psychosocial theories.

Impact of People on Personality

10. Impact of People on Personality

Does your personality change depending on whom you're around? Can another person's personality rub off on you? Find out as this lesson goes over several examples of this.

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