Ch 1: Biology Experiments

About This Chapter

This chapter can help you review important information on biology experiments. Our professional instructors go over fun experiments that can help reinforce your knowledge of biology concepts.

Biology Experiments - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Conducting experiments can help you fully understand biology by seeing the concepts in action through hands-on experience. The experiments presented in this chapter can help a teacher integrate new experiments into their lesson plans or they can be used by students who would like to do experiments to reinforce their learning at home. When you are done reviewing the lessons, you can take the lesson quizzes to make sure you have learned how to carry out these experiments correctly. The experiments covered in this chapter include some related to:

  • Acid rain
  • Bread mold
  • Balloon lung capacity
  • Hand in ice water
  • Yeast and sugar balloon

6 Lessons in Chapter 1: Biology Experiments
Acid Rain and Aquatic Life Experiment

1. Acid Rain and Aquatic Life Experiment

In this experiment, you'll be testing how pH affects aquatic life. By the end of the experiment, you'll be able to explain how conditions like acid rain are affecting aquatic ecosystems on Earth.

Acid Rain & Plants Experiment

2. Acid Rain & Plants Experiment

In this biology experiment, we're going to study one important type of pollution, acid rain. By the end of this experiment, you'll understand how acid rain impacts plant growth and the implications for our ecosystems.

Bread Mold Experiment

3. Bread Mold Experiment

Imagine you walk into the kitchen and notice the dreaded sight of moldy bread. Have you ever wondered why mold can grow on bread? In this lab, you will discover how light and temperature influence bread mold growth.

Balloon Lung Capacity Experiment

4. Balloon Lung Capacity Experiment

In this experiment, you'll be investigating what factors influence the vital lung capacity of a person using two measurements of lung capacity - the balloon test and the water displacement test.

Hand in Ice Water Experiment

5. Hand in Ice Water Experiment

In this biology experiment, we will explore the way in which your body perceives temperature. The purpose of this experiment is to answer the question, ''Can your hands sense different temperatures when placed into the same tub of water?''

Yeast and Sugar Balloon Experiment

6. Yeast and Sugar Balloon Experiment

In this experiment, we'll be exploring how different types of sugars affect cellular respiration in yeast. The purpose of this lab is to answer the question, 'How do different types of sugar affect carbon dioxide production in yeast?'

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