Ch 18: Birds & Mammals

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons and learn the identifying traits of birds and mammals, how they reproduce, and where they live. The quizzes that follow each lesson can help you gauge your comprehension of the materials.

Birds and Mammals - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

It's easy to think that all birds and all mammals are pretty much the same; however, there's actually a great deal of variety. In this series of video lessons and quizzes, a qualified instructor will demonstrate for you just how diverse birds can be, from their ability to fly to how they care for their young. You'll also learn about key differences among monotremes, marsupials, and placental mammals and gain an understanding of how birds and mammals can be grouped according to factors like common traits and shared habitats. In these lessons, you'll learn things like:

  • What makes it possible for birds to fly
  • How many varied kinds of birds there are
  • How reproduction varies among three kinds of mammals
  • The similarities and differences among mammals, primates, and hominids

Video Objective
Birds: Traits, Types & Importance Discuss general characteristics of birds, including reproduction, and explain their ecological and economic value.
Mammals: Traits, Behavior & Grouping Describe traits of mammals and differentiate between reproductive methods for monotremes, placental mammals and marsupials. Explain how mammals can be classified by anatomy and habitat.
Primates and Human Origin Learn about the mating habits of primates and identify general traits. Describe three main primate groupings and explore their habitats.
Hominids: Traits, Diet & Behavior Discover general characteristics of hominids. Describe how their social system works, and outline the typical diet of a hominid.

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