Ch 12: Blood Clot Types & Complications

About This Chapter

The lessons included in this chapter will go over important topics on the types and complications of blood clots. You can use each lesson's corresponding quiz to determine how well you comprehend each topic you review.

Blood Clot Types & Complications - Chapter Summary

Blood clots are a health issue that is potentially deadly but often ignored. The relationship between blood clots and many different types of medical emergencies is significant. Included in this chapter are informative lessons that will cover blood clot-related topics.

Each lesson concludes with a practice quiz that will help you make sure that you have accurately understood the main points from the lesson. The final chapter exam will test you on the most significant pieces of information on the subject as a whole. The chapter's online format means that you review these lessons on your computer, tablet or smartphone, anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. When you complete the chapter, you will be able to:

  • Understand the definition and prevention methods of blood clots
  • Distinguish between different types of blood clots
  • Understand superficial blood clots
  • Recognize the complications of blood clots
  • Understand blood clot complications following surgery
  • Recognize how to prevent blood clots after surgery
  • Understand blood clots during pregnancy
  • Define amaurosis fugax
  • Articulate the symptoms, prognosis and treatment of amaurosis fugax

9 Lessons in Chapter 12: Blood Clot Types & Complications
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What is a Superficial Blood Clot?

1. What is a Superficial Blood Clot?

Have you heard of a superficial blood clot before? It's actually the common term for one of two similar conditions. This lesson defines and explains them, as well as their potential causes.

How to Prevent Blood Clots After Surgery

2. How to Prevent Blood Clots After Surgery

In this lesson, you'll learn about blood clots as a possible complication of surgery and actions that can reduce the risk of health problems due to blood blots after surgery.

Blood Clot: Definition & Prevention

3. Blood Clot: Definition & Prevention

This lesson will cover the basics of a blood clot. We will also cover what causes a blood clot and what are the best ways to prevent blood clots from forming.

Types of Blood Clots

4. Types of Blood Clots

Blood clots are an important process to stop bleeding, but they can also be life threatening if they occur at the wrong time or place. In this lesson, we will learn about different types of blood clots and what complications can occur.

Blood Clot Complications

5. Blood Clot Complications

This lesson is going to describe the two types of blood clots. We will then discuss the complications that can arise from blood clots being present in the body and how the complications occur.

Symptoms of Blood Clots After Surgery

6. Symptoms of Blood Clots After Surgery

Part of recovering after surgery includes reporting any signs or symptoms that may indicate a complication. In this lesson, learn what symptoms may indicate a blood clot is present following surgery.

Blood Clots During Pregnancy

7. Blood Clots During Pregnancy

Blood clots form naturally all the time, usually to stop bleeding from a wound. However, blood clots can also develop due to certain health conditions. Let's learn a bit about the risk of blood clots during pregnancy.

Amaurosis Fugax: Definition & Prognosis

8. Amaurosis Fugax: Definition & Prognosis

Amaurosis fugax may not be easy to pronounce, but it's easy to understand. It's a sudden, temporary vision loss in one eye caused by a lack of blood flow to the retina. Let's learn more about this oddly named condition.

Amaurosis Fugax: Symptoms & Treatment

9. Amaurosis Fugax: Symptoms & Treatment

Amaurosis fugax is sudden, temporary vision loss due to a lack of blood reaching the eye. In this lesson we'll take a closer look at the symptoms and treatment options for this condition.

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