Ch 8: Body Fluids & Circulation

About This Chapter

These bite-sized biology study resources examine body fluids and circulation. Access these useful lessons at any time to prepare for tests, finish class assignments, catch up on information you missed in class or simply learn more about these topics.

Body Fluids & Circulation - Chapter Summary

The lessons this chapter break down topics related to the circulation of blood and fluids in the human body. As you work through these short and engaging lessons, you'll review coronary artery disease terminology, hypertension symptoms, double circulation functions and much more. Upon completion of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Name the blood vessels that help blood travel through the human body
  • Evaluate the importance of lymph in human anatomy
  • Understand the functions of double circulation
  • Know how heart rate and stroke volume is regulated in the human body
  • Recognize the causes and symptoms of hypertension
  • Define terminology related to coronary artery disease

To help you solidify your understanding of these body fluid and circulation topics, we encourage you to take our short self-assessment quizzes following each lesson. You can print word-for-word lesson transcripts and submit questions to our expert biology instructors if you need any extra help. These lessons are available 24/7 and accessible on virtually any device that has an Internet connection.

6 Lessons in Chapter 8: Body Fluids & Circulation
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How Blood Travels Throughout the Body

1. How Blood Travels Throughout the Body

This lesson is going to cover the different blood vessels that carry blood throughout the body. The route and changes in blood pressure will also be discussed. A short quiz will follow.

What is a Lymph? - Definition & Anatomy

2. What is a Lymph? - Definition & Anatomy

In this lesson, you will learn about lymph, a fluid that forms in your body's tissues. You will explore how lymph is produced, how it moves through your body, and why it is important to your overall health. A post-lesson quiz will test your knowledge.

Double Circulation: Definition & Advantage

3. Double Circulation: Definition & Advantage

Humans and many other organisms use a double circulatory system. This means that we have two separate circuits for blood in our body. Learn how these circuits differ and the function of each one.

Regulation of Heart Rate and Stroke Volume

4. Regulation of Heart Rate and Stroke Volume

The amount of blood being pumped through your body changes constantly due to the demands of daily life. In this lesson, you will learn how your body adjusts the heart rate and stroke volume to increase or decrease blood flow.

What Is Hypertension (HTN)? - Definition, Symptoms & Causes

5. What Is Hypertension (HTN)? - Definition, Symptoms & Causes

It is likely that high blood pressure, or hypertension, has affected you or someone close to you. In this lesson, we will define hypertension and get a better understanding of its causes and symptoms.

Coronary Artery Disease Terminology

6. Coronary Artery Disease Terminology

Coronary Artery disease is the primary cause of heart attacks and strokes, which affect millions of people each year. In this lesson, learn about how coronary artery disease develops over time and what might happen after you have a heart attack.

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