Ch 33: Bryophytes

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Students Will Review:

This chapter helps students review the concepts in the bryophytes unit of a standard life science course. Topics covered include:

  • Life cycles and types of liverworts and mosses
  • Facts, history and habitats for bryophytes
  • Hornwort life cycle, types, characteristics and facts
  • Definition, life cycle and environmental importance of lichens

10 Lessons in Chapter 33: Bryophytes
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The Life Cycle of a Liverwort

1. The Life Cycle of a Liverwort

Plants tend to change in form over the course of their lives. The liverwort is not the exception to this. We are going to discuss the life cycle of the liverwort and see the changes it goes through in its life.

Types of Mosses & Liverworts

2. Types of Mosses & Liverworts

The mosses and liverworts are a diverse group of simple plants. This lesson explores some of the groups within the mosses and liverworts, and provides facts about these fascinating plants.

Liverworts: Definition, Habitat & Facts

3. Liverworts: Definition, Habitat & Facts

In this lesson, you'll learn about the liverwort, including where it gets its name. We'll also take a look at liverwort habitat requirements, and some interesting facts about these unique plants.

The Life Cycle of Hornworts

4. The Life Cycle of Hornworts

You've heard of ferns, tulips, oak trees, but hornworts? Hornworts are a plant that belong to the same group as mosses and liverworts, and they have a complex lifecycle. This lesson explores that life cycle.

Hornworts: Types, Characteristics & Facts

5. Hornworts: Types, Characteristics & Facts

In this lesson, you will learn about hornworts, a member of the group of plants known as bryophytes. We will look at types of hornworts as well as common characteristics and interesting facts.

Bryophytes: History, Habitat & Facts

6. Bryophytes: History, Habitat & Facts

When you think about plants, bryophytes probably aren't the first group that pops into your mind. This group is quite interesting though and is the closest living relative to the first land plants. In this lesson, we will explore the history and habitat of this ancient plant.

What is Moss? - Definition, Types & Characteristics

7. What is Moss? - Definition, Types & Characteristics

In this lesson, we explore a unique category of plants known as mosses. You'll learn what a moss is and their common characteristics, as well as look at different types of mosses.

What is Lichen? - Definition, Types & Characteristics

8. What is Lichen? - Definition, Types & Characteristics

While you have probably seen lichen, how much do you know about it? Is it a plant? A fungi? This lesson will define lichen, describe some common shapes and end with some characteristics lichen share.

Lichen: Reproduction & Life Cycle

9. Lichen: Reproduction & Life Cycle

Living in harmony for thousands of years? This is just one of the neat things that the two organisms that make up lichens have accomplished. This lesson explores these organisms, including their reproductive tactics and life cycles.

Lichen: Environmental Importance, Symbiosis & Facts

10. Lichen: Environmental Importance, Symbiosis & Facts

In this lesson, we'll be learning about the tiny world of lichens. By the end of this lesson, you'll be able to explain what lichens are and why they are important for both humans and our greater ecosystem.

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