Ch 5: Building Components & Structures

About This Chapter

Review key concepts associated with building components and structures in this engaging chapter that can be used to prepare for a test or complete a homework assignment. You can study house architecture, construction terms, and a lot more at your convenience.

Building Components & Structures - Chapter Summary

As you go through these lessons on building components and structures, you can get a historical perspective on domestic architecture. Our expert instructors teach about different types of construction projects. They also discuss how the living space of a structure is measured. By the end of the chapter, you should be ready to:

  • Discuss various architectural styles of homes
  • List different phases of a construction project
  • Define terms associated with property inspections and appraisals
  • Recount vocabulary related to energy efficient characteristics of home improvements
  • Outline errors often made when measuring structures
  • Distinguish between livable and usable areas in real estate

Learning can be fun and entertaining as demonstrated by our instructors as they help you understand building components and structures. In addition to the lessons, there are short quizzes provided to test you on the content covered in each lesson. Another of the many helpful features is the ability to print the quizzes as an offline study tool.

5 Lessons in Chapter 5: Building Components & Structures
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House Architecture: Styles & Designs

1. House Architecture: Styles & Designs

A great amount of the architecture being built on a daily basis is not for towering skyscrapers but for private homes. In this lesson, we'll explore some of the common styles of domestic architecture and see where they fit in American history.

Construction: Definition & Types

2. Construction: Definition & Types

In this lesson you will understand what construction entails, the different phases of a construction project and the different types of construction projects.

Construction Terms Used in Property Appraisals & Inspections

3. Construction Terms Used in Property Appraisals & Inspections

Appraisal and inspection reports often include construction and building terms to describe improvement of a property. Real estate professionals needs to have a basic familiarity with common terms to understand these reports.

Improvements in Real Estate Appraisal

4. Improvements in Real Estate Appraisal

Property appraisals contain detailed and accurate descriptions of the property and its improvements and should be very specific with supporting information if necessary. This lesson will discuss the purpose and key terms related to improvements.

Livable, Rentable & Usable Area: Definition & Examples

5. Livable, Rentable & Usable Area: Definition & Examples

How can you compare different homes or apartments when the square footage is measured with different methods? Use the information in this lesson to sort out three of the most common measurements.

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