Ch 11: Business Development

About This Chapter

Before you sit for an important exam, review business development subjects with ease using our engaging chapter. In this comprehensive study guide, you'll find easy-to-follow lessons, multiple-choice quizzes and help from our expert instructors if you need it.

Business Development - Chapter Summary

Check out this interesting chapter about business development on your mobile device or computer. We've provided lessons here outlining subjects such as market analysis for business plans, website navigation design and SEO strategy. You should be able to complete the following objectives once you finish this chapter:

  • Detail the methods and processes associated with business development
  • Outline business development techniques and strategies
  • Describe successful business development tools
  • Give an example of market analysis for business plans
  • Explain the seven principles of universal design
  • Identify website navigation design best practices
  • Discuss the components of effective SEO strategy
  • Explore the most popular social media marketing channels

In this chapter, we've provided learning resources you can access 24 hours a day to study whenever you want. The quiz after each lessons and the test at the end of the chapter are handy ways to check how well you understand these topics before moving on or taking a big test. The Dashboard provides you with a way to monitor your progress and submit your questions to an instructor.

9 Lessons in Chapter 11: Business Development
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Business Development: Process & Methods

1. Business Development: Process & Methods

Business development helps an owner launch a product. In this lesson, we will discuss idea creation, determining feasibility making decisions, and implementing and launching a product.

Business Development: Techniques & Strategies

2. Business Development: Techniques & Strategies

Business development is a necessity for a company to grow and expand. This lesson provides many helpful techniques and strategies to help managers set and achieve practical goals.

Business Development Tools

3. Business Development Tools

Business development tools are essential to help assist a company. In this lesson we will discuss, what business development tools are, the importance of research, and how to build effective relationships.

Market Analysis for Business Plans: Example & Definition

4. Market Analysis for Business Plans: Example & Definition

Market analysis allows you to determine what market your company will operate in. In this lesson, we will discuss what market analysis is and review different examples of market analysis.

The 7 Principles of Universal Design

5. The 7 Principles of Universal Design

In this lesson we discuss seven principles associated with good web page design. Each principle is individually described, including their positive and negative impact that affects the overall design. Additionally, we will discuss some do's and don'ts associated with these principles.

Best Practices for Website Navigation Design

6. Best Practices for Website Navigation Design

In this lesson, we will be looking at what a website is, the processes of gathering contents and structuring of navigation menus, as well as best practices to observe when building one.

SEO Strategy: Definition & Components

7. SEO Strategy: Definition & Components

What's your SEO strategy? If you just gulped, you need this lesson! In this study, we'll focus on what SEO strategy is and the importance of critical components such as strong content, social sharing and back-end technicalities.

Social Media Marketing Channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

8. Social Media Marketing Channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Likes, tweets, +1s, pins, and more! This lesson provides information about the most popular social media outlets. Learn more about using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to expand your digital marketing reach.

Components of a Successful Social Media Strategy

9. Components of a Successful Social Media Strategy

Social media brings with it new possibilities for marketers. These avenues should be pursued with a dedicated strategy. This lesson will define marketing strategy, its social media component, and the essential parts of a social media strategy.

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