Ch 3: Business Industries in Australia

About This Chapter

Quickly review your knowledge of the economy of Australia using the lessons in this chapter. lessons and interactive quizzes allow you to prepare yourself for an economics or international affairs examination.

Business Industries in Australia - Chapter Summary

Australia is a large country in the South Pacific that is also a continent. The lessons in this chapter give you an overview of the different types of economy in this area of the world as well as major economic sectors. They also go more in-depth on the sectors of Australia's economy as well as some of the economic history of Australia. Learn about the development of Australia's hospitality industry and major contributions they make to the world textile markets. Once done, you will be better prepared to:

  • Identify the sectors of the world economy
  • Discuss examples of each economic sector
  • Explain what forms of economic activity take place in Australia
  • Describe the various ways the Australian hospitality industry has developed
  • Discuss sources of economic growth in Australia

These lessons are presented in a either a video or text-based format and designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. The professional instructors who create them cover key information on a topic in a quick, easy-to-follow way. If you ever want to go over a topic or entire lesson again, the Timeline feature of your account allows you to quickly jump back to a specific point in a lesson.

7 Lessons in Chapter 3: Business Industries in Australia
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Economies of Australia & the Pacific Islands

1. Economies of Australia & the Pacific Islands

After watching this video, you should be able to describe the economies of Australia and the Pacific Islands, including sectors, partnerships and imports/exports. A short quiz will follow.

Economic Sectors: Primary, Secondary & Tertiary

2. Economic Sectors: Primary, Secondary & Tertiary

This lesson will seek to explain the different sectors of the economy. In doing so, it will concentrate on the primary sector, the secondary sector, and the tertiary sector. It will also highlight the service industry.

Quaternary Industry: Definition & Examples

3. Quaternary Industry: Definition & Examples

Different people have different jobs, but what does this mean to the national economy? In this lesson, we examine quaternary industries and see how they fit into larger economies.

Quinary Sector of Industry: Definition & Examples

4. Quinary Sector of Industry: Definition & Examples

How many layers deep? We used to only count three levels of industry. Now, there are five? This lesson will cover the quinary (fifth level) sector of the economy, and provide examples of the types of roles that inhabit this sector.

Australian Tertiary, Quaternary & Quinary Industry Growth

5. Australian Tertiary, Quaternary & Quinary Industry Growth

Growth in Australia's economy is not limited to service industries, but they lead the way. This lesson will discuss the external influences that have spurred the growth of the tertiary, quaternary, and quinary sectors.

Hospitality Industry in Australia

6. Hospitality Industry in Australia

Have you ever considered the destination of Australia? What is the hospitality industry like in Australia? In this lesson we are going to discuss what the hospitality industry is like in Australia and how it affects tourists.

Australian Textile Industry

7. Australian Textile Industry

The Australian textile industry has struggled off and on to keep up with Great Britain or the USA in fashion, yet it has managed to become a part of the market and has started to focus on technical textiles as well.

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