Ch 7: Business' Influence on the Political Environment

About This Chapter

Watch our video lessons to learn about the various ways that businesses can influence the political environment. The short multiple-choice quizzes that follow each lesson can assist your understanding of the materials.

Business' Influence on the Political Environment - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

We all know that politics can affect businesses, but what about the reverse? Businesses wield many powers, including those concerning the political environment. In this chapter, find out how businesses participate in politics and about the roles of their public affairs departments. You can also explore the various types of strategies that businesses use to reach their goals. By the time you reach the end of these lessons, you can better understand the following topics:

  • Positives and negatives for business participation in politics
  • How businesses become involved in politics
  • Strategy types used by businesses to achieve their goals

Video Objectives
Businesses' Political Participation: Pros, Cons and Tactics Explain why it may or may not be a good idea for businesses to get involved in politics. Discuss the ways in which businesses insinuate themselves into the political process.
Public Affairs Departments in Businesses: Role and Functions Explore what the expectations are for a public affairs department and the types of things for which the staff would be responsible.
Businesses' Strategies: Information, Societal, Political and Legal Explain how informational, political, societal and judicial strategies are used by businesses to accomplish set goals.

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