Ch 23: Calculations, Ratios & Proportions

About This Chapter

Hone your problem-solving skills and prepare for the GED exam's mathematical reasoning exam with the video lessons and quizzes included in this chapter. Instructors outline steps for setting up equations used to calculate ratios, total cost, proportions and more.

Calculations, Ratios & Proportions - Chapter Summary

Test questions on the GED math exam will assess your ability to use mathematical expressions and formulas to solve real-world problems. Get ready for them with video lessons that teach you how to calculate the following:

  • Ratios and rates
  • Total cost
  • Proportion
  • Interest and compound interest
  • Tax charges and discount price
  • Time and distance

Our math lessons are taught by knowledgeable instructors. Take advantage of their experience and expertise by watching short, illustrated videos lasting five to ten minutes each or reading the corresponding transcripts. Both formats include several sample problems, and the matching self-assessment quizzes are available if you'd like to try your hand at setting up an equation and solving problems on your own.

Calculations, Ratios & Proportions - Chapter Objectives

The GED exam is used to ensure adult learners have the academic skills needed for success in college or job training programs en route to earning their high school equivalency diploma. The mathematical reasoning section of the test takes 90 minutes to complete, and about half of the test questions are designed to ensure you have the quantitative problem-solving skills needed to use math in everyday scenarios.

Lessons in this chapter can help you successfully answer questions that might ask you to factor in sales tax, sale discounts, the cost per unit and the number of units to find the total cost of a purchase. You can also prepare to perform calculations involving interest rate, principal and time or determine the relationship between distance traveled and miles per gallon.

9 Lessons in Chapter 23: Calculations, Ratios & Proportions
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Ratios & Rates: Definitions & Examples

1. Ratios & Rates: Definitions & Examples

If we have two items, or two numbers, and we want to compare them, what language can we use? How do we write the comparison? Find out as we learn about ratios and rates in this lesson.

How to Solve Problems with Money

2. How to Solve Problems with Money

Money matters, and knowing how much things cost will be useful no matter where you go. In this lesson, we'll learn the steps for solving word problems involving money.

Proportion: Definition, Application & Examples

3. Proportion: Definition, Application & Examples

When we want to compare one ratio, or fraction, to another equivalent ratio, it's a proportion. Learn all about proportions and practice solving proportion problems in this lesson.

Calculations with Ratios and Proportions

4. Calculations with Ratios and Proportions

Even if only 99 out of 100 people need to know how to work with ratios, the odds that they'll be useful to you are very high. In this lesson, we'll practice performing calculations with ratios and proportions.

How to Solve Interest Problems: Steps & Examples

5. How to Solve Interest Problems: Steps & Examples

If you want to know how your money can earn money, then it's essential to learn about solving interest problems. In this lesson, we'll practice calculating interest amounts and interest rates.

Compounding Interest Formulas: Calculations & Examples

6. Compounding Interest Formulas: Calculations & Examples

Compound interest is a great way to have your money work for you. In this lesson, find out the formula for calculating compound interest and practice using the formula with several examples.

Taxes & Discounts: Calculations & Examples

7. Taxes & Discounts: Calculations & Examples

When you go shopping, you don't want to be surprised by the amount of tax on an item. You also want to fully understand discounts to know how much you can save. In this lesson, we'll practice calculating both tax and discounts.

How to Solve Problems with Time

8. How to Solve Problems with Time

It's amazing how much time can be saved when people work together. In this lesson, we'll practice figuring out just how much time we're talking about as we solve problems involving time.

Distance Formulas: Calculations & Examples

9. Distance Formulas: Calculations & Examples

Let's go on a road trip! In this lesson, we'll practice calculations involving distance, rate and time. We'll also look at how we determine the relationship between distance and fuel.

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