Ch 15: Capacitors, Resistors & Inductors

About This Chapter

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Capacitors, Resistors & Inductors - Chapter Summary

In these lessons, we cover resistors, inductors and capacitors for your review. Move at your own pace as you study the basics of circuit theory, the parts and types of fixed and variable capacitors, plus many more subjects. This chapter is designed to help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Detail capacitor charging and discharging
  • Outline the units and formula associated with capacitance
  • Define a resistor and recognize its uses
  • Discuss the units and variables used in electrical resistance
  • Identify the uses and functions of inductors
  • Explain the variables that affect electromagnetic induction
  • Describe R-L-C series circuits
  • Answer practice problems about resistor-capacitor (RC) currents

Studying this chapter will boost your confidence and help you quickly learn these subjects. All of our materials are written by knowledgeable instructors who are also available to answer any questions that you submit through the Dashboard. Before studying subsequent lessons, you can take the quizzes and chapter test to ensure you're ready.

10 Lessons in Chapter 15: Capacitors, Resistors & Inductors
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Circuit Theory Basics

1. Circuit Theory Basics

Learn what a circuit is, how to describe the features of circuits, and be able to differentiate between AC and DC circuits in everyday life. Complete a quiz to test your knowledge.

Fixed & Variable Capacitors: Parts & Types

2. Fixed & Variable Capacitors: Parts & Types

Capacitors are devices that store electrical energy. In this lesson, we will explore the various types of capacitors, how they work, and how to calculate equivalent capacitance.

Capacitors: Construction, Charging & Discharging

3. Capacitors: Construction, Charging & Discharging

Electrical circuits have several components, each of which must be understood for the system to work. We're going to check out capacitors in this lesson and see how they can be used to control an electric current.

Capacitance: Units & Formula

4. Capacitance: Units & Formula

After watching this lesson, you will be able to explain what a capacitor is, define capacitance, and solve simple problems using capacitance equations. A short quiz will follow.

What is a Resistor? - Definition & Uses

5. What is a Resistor? - Definition & Uses

In this lesson, you'll find out what a resistor is and how it works. You'll also explore some of the more common uses for resistors and see examples of resistors that are probably in your home right now!

Electrical Resistance: Definition, Unit & Variables

6. Electrical Resistance: Definition, Unit & Variables

We'll take a shopping trip to the mall to learn how electrical resistance works and how it is affected by resistivity, conductor dimensions, and temperature. We'll also take a look at several common appliances that take advantage of resistance to function.

Inductor: Definition, Function & Uses

7. Inductor: Definition, Function & Uses

This lesson will introduce the reader to the concept of an inductor, defining what an inductor is, how it works, and common uses of inductors in our everyday world.

Electromagnetic Induction: Definition & Variables that Affect Induction

8. Electromagnetic Induction: Definition & Variables that Affect Induction

We use electromagnetic induction every day, but do you have any idea what it is? In this lesson, we'll discuss this everyday phenomenon, the factors that affect its strength and its most common applications.

R-L-C Series Circuits

9. R-L-C Series Circuits

After watching this lesson, you will be able to explain what an RLC series circuit is and use related equations to solve simple problems. A short quiz will follow.

Resistor-Capacitor (RC) Circuits: Practice Problems

10. Resistor-Capacitor (RC) Circuits: Practice Problems

After watching this video, you will be able to calculate or deduce the current and voltage in the components of an RC circuit at the start of the charging process and when the capacitor is fully charged. A short quiz will follow.

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