Ch 20: Cardiovascular Diseases

About This Chapter

Explore the engaging lessons in this chapter to improve your comprehension of cardiovascular diseases. These lessons closely examine the symptoms and treatment of arteriosclerosis, hypertension and more to strengthen your performance on the job.

Cardiovascular Diseases - Chapter Summary

Feel confident in your understanding of cardiovascular diseases by examining the short lessons in this self-paced chapter. Our instructors ensure you fully comprehend various aspects of arteriosclerosis, including its definition, forms, symptoms, diagnosis and prevention. Also, use this chapter to study hyaline arteriolosclerosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, arteriosclerosis obliterans and the relationship between arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

Customize your review of this chapter based on your unique study needs and personal schedule. All the lessons are accessible 24/7 using any computer, smartphone or tablet with an Internet connection. Take multiple-choice quizzes and a practice exam to assess your comprehension of the lessons. Questions that arise while studying this chapter can be submitted to our experts using the Dashboard.

How It Helps

As a medical professional, having a well-rounded understanding of cardiovascular diseases is critical. This informative chapter ensures you have this understanding by offering important facts about arteriosclerosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, hyaline arteriolosclerosis and other diseases. Align the information acquired in this chapter with your current knowledge and practices to ensure you're able to recognize the symptoms of these diseases, properly diagnose them and administer the correct treatments.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Define and list forms of arteriosclerosis
  • Describe the symptoms, impact and treatment of arteriosclerosis
  • Discuss the appropriate testing and diagnosis of arteriosclerosis
  • Explain how arteriosclerosis can be prevented
  • Compare and contrast arteriosclerosis and hypertension
  • Define and describe hyaline arteriolosclerosis
  • Recognize symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis and properly treat it
  • Describe the symptoms and treatment of arteriosclerosis obliterans

9 Lessons in Chapter 20: Cardiovascular Diseases
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What is Arteriosclerosis? - Definition & Forms

1. What is Arteriosclerosis? - Definition & Forms

You have likely heard the term 'arteriosclerosis' before, but may not know what it is. In this lesson, we will define arteriosclerosis, and discuss its various forms.

Arteriosclerosis: Symptoms, Impact & Treatment

2. Arteriosclerosis: Symptoms, Impact & Treatment

You may have heard the term arteriosclerosis before. In this lesson, we'll learn more about arteriosclerosis including the symptoms and treatment options. We will also learn about the impact it has on someone's quality of life.

Arteriosclerosis: Tests & Diagnosis

3. Arteriosclerosis: Tests & Diagnosis

Have you ever heard of arteriosclerosis? In this lesson, we will learn what arteriosclerosis is. We will also learn about the symptoms that may indicate you have this condition and the tests that will confirm a diagnosis of arteriosclerosis.

How to Prevent Arteriosclerosis

4. How to Prevent Arteriosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis, the term for the hardening of the arteries, can lead to high blood pressure and even complications such as heart attacks and strokes. In this lesson, we will learn how to prevent arteriosclerosis.

Arteriosclerosis & Hypertension

5. Arteriosclerosis & Hypertension

Hypertension is a leading cause of arteriosclerosis. In this lesson, we'll learn more about arteriosclerosis and the role hypertension plays in developing it.

What is Hyaline Arteriolosclerosis?

6. What is Hyaline Arteriolosclerosis?

This lesson goes over a very little heard of condition known as hyaline arteriosclerosis. We all have it, but not all of us have to fear it, for now. Find out what it is, how it occurs, and when to be worried.

What is Cerebral Arteriosclerosis? - Symptoms & Treatment

7. What is Cerebral Arteriosclerosis? - Symptoms & Treatment

Cerebral arteriosclerosis affects the arteries in your brain. In this lesson, we'll learn more about the symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis as well as how to treat it.

Arteriosclerosis Obliterans: Definition, Symptoms & Treatment

8. Arteriosclerosis Obliterans: Definition, Symptoms & Treatment

Arteriosclerosis obliterans may not be something you are familiar with. In this lesson, we will learn about them as well as learn about their symptoms and treatment.

How to Assess Distal Circulation

9. How to Assess Distal Circulation

In this lesson, we will learn the definition of distal circulation as well as the five techniques most often used to assess healthy blood flow: capillary refill, color, temperature, pulses and swelling.

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