Ch 5: Cell Division & the Cell Cycle

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons explaining the ways in which cell division occurs within the cell cycle. When you've finished watching each lesson, use the helpful online quiz to see how well you understood the material.

Cell Division and the Cell Cycle - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Cell division and the cell cycle are key parts of the study of life science. Through cell division, new cells are made. This series of video lessons, led by a qualified instructor, will teach you about two types of cellular reproduction, sexual and asexual. You'll learn about the processes of mitosis and meiosis; you'll also learn what kind of genes get passed on to offspring through each of these processes. At the end of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define asexual reproduction in cells
  • Define sexual reproduction in cells
  • Describe the process by which genes are received from both parents
  • Define mitosis and meiosis, and explain how they work

Video Objective
Asexual Versus Sexual Reproduction Define asexual and sexual reproduction in cells, and describe the difference between asexual and sexual reproduction in cells.
Types of Asexual Reproduction Summarize the types of asexual reproduction.
Sexual Reproduction: Inheriting Genes from Each Parent Describe the process by which sexual reproduction allows genes from each parent to be passed on.
Mitosis: Definition, Stages and Function Explain mitosis, from what it is to the stages of mitosis, and the function of each stage.
What is Meiosis? - Steps and Results Explain meiosis, including all the parts of the process and the end result.

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