Ch 27: CEOE Physical Science: The Mole Concept

About This Chapter

The text and video lessons contained in this chapter are designed to help you understand the mole concept. Look through the lessons so that you can expertly address some CEOE Physical Science examination questions.

CEOE Physical Science: The Mole Concept - Chapter Summary

Depending on how much you remember about the mole concept from your prior studies, you might go through the chapter's text and video lessons once or multiple times in preparation for the CEOE Physical Science examination. Revisit the methods by which atoms are measured, re-discover strategies for calculating molar mass and measuring molecules, and find out more about how to illustrate the Avogadro's law equation. Your review of this chapter could result in your ability to:

  • Use Avogadro's number when counting
  • Calculate gas and molar volume with Avogadro's law
  • Define and apply the molar mass formula

Fun and animated, the video lessons can be viewed online with just a Web-connected mobile device. Text lessons consist of written material on the mole concept along with multiple-choice quizzes and a 'course' tab. The self-assessment quizzes are short and simple. Click an answer to indicate your choice, then choose 'next.' Your results will be automatically tallied. If you missed a question, you can take the test again or locate the correct answer within the video or lesson transcript.

CEOE Physical Science: The Mole Concept Chapter Objectives

You'll need a score of 240 to pass the computer-administered CEOE Physical Science examination, which has three subareas and one constructed-response section. Subarea III, Structure of Matter and Changes in Matter, is where you'll express your clear comprehension of Avogadro's number, the mole concept and related formulas and equations. The subarea is worth 29% of the assessment. With regards to the overall examination, you should be prepared to answer 80 selected-response questions and to complete one constructed-response assignment on your way to earning a teaching license. You must observe a four-hour testing time limit.

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