Ch 19: CEOE Reading Specialist: Reading Strategies for Students

About This Chapter

The CEOE Reading Specialist exam will test you on your knowledge of promoting students' skills regarding reading comprehension. This chapter preps you on reading strategies for students.

CEOE Reading Specialist: Reading Strategies for Students - Chapter Summary

Our instructors have put together a set of effective lessons that will prepare you for success on the CEOE Reading Specialist test. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be ready for any exam items about:

  • Reading comprehension strategies
  • Techniques and strategies for close reading
  • Mapping a speech for improving note-taking skills
  • Strategies for improving your reading using visualization
  • Students' use of reflection questions
  • Strategies for comprehension monitoring

This chapter features short, 5-10 minute videos that come with a transcript of the material presented. Also included is a timeline tool that uses keywords for reference. A short quiz at the end of the lesson shows you if there is anything you need to restudy. If so, the timeline tool allows you to go directly to the quiz content that you didn't get the first time. We make preparing for the CEOE Reading Specialist test enjoyable.

6 Lessons in Chapter 19: CEOE Reading Specialist: Reading Strategies for Students
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Strategies for Reading Comprehension

1. Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Have you been assigned to read something and you just couldn't understand what the author is trying to tell you? In this lesson, you will learn five strategies to help yourself understand what you are reading.

Close Reading: Strategies & Techniques

2. Close Reading: Strategies & Techniques

In this lesson you will learn what it is to read closely. You will explore strategies and techniques for close reading a text, including highlighting anything that is surprising to you and asking and answering questions about the text.

Improving your Note-taking Skills: Strategies for Mapping a Speech

3. Improving your Note-taking Skills: Strategies for Mapping a Speech

When attending a speaking event, the tendency is to listen to what the speaker has to say. But it is equally important to take careful notes to determine the central idea of the speech.

Reading Strategies Using Visualization

4. Reading Strategies Using Visualization

In this lesson, we will define visualization. We will then discuss why this step is important, how we can visualize, and when you should visualize. Finally, we will look at a sample from a poem and practice visualizing.

Reflection Questions for Students

5. Reflection Questions for Students

This lesson provides a basic overview of the reflection process and includes questions that will prompt students to begin the reflection process. In addition, tips are given to help teachers assist students to begin thinking reflectively.

Comprehension Monitoring Strategies

6. Comprehension Monitoring Strategies

There's much more to reading than simply sounding out words. Novice readers must also learn how to self-monitor for comprehension. Today's lesson takes a look at how the use of pausing, self-questioning, and self-diagnosis can help them in this process.

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